Each of the ads below has its own page. On some of these pages, like the one for the AHS store, the advertiser's website is displayed in a window inside the page. Readers can "window shop" right from the ad page, and even buy through the window if they wish. All content on the website displayed in the ad page window is the property of the advertiser and is in no way connected with the AHS, save for their placing an ad here. It is simply the advertiser's website seen through a window. 

Hornbaker Gardens AAA Quality Engravers
Cochato Nursery By-You Engraving
In The Country Gardens & Gifts Contrary Mary's Plants & Designs
Kincaid Gardens Sebright Gardens
Made in the Shade Mason Hollow
Venero GardensSchmid Nursery
Silvers-Elbert NurseryHosta Seed Growers

Advertise in The Hosta Journal

Information for advertisers:

Ad artwork should be mailed with payment to the ad manager. Changes to the ad artwork may be handled and will be assessed an additional fee. Ads created electronically may be submitted as such accompanying printout, please contact the ad manager for specifications.

Paper Issue Ads:

Contact regarding advertising: Full Color Ads: Black and White Ads:
Maryls Anderson
104 Bluegill Ct
Pella, IA 50219
(641) 780-6487

Full Page $840 6.5w x 9.5h Full Page $300 6.5w x 9.5h
Half Page $510 6.5w x 4.5h Half Page $155 6.5w x 4.5h
1/4 Page $260 3.125w x 4.5h 1/4 Page $115 3.125w x 4.5h
1/6 Page $175 3.125w x 3.0h 1/8 Page $80 3.125w x 2.0h
1/8 Page $135 3.125w x 2.0h      

Online Issue Ads:

On-Line Hosta Journal advertisement is a free bonus with paid ads in both paper editions of "The Hosta Journal" during current year.

On-Line Hosta Journal single ad on its own:  $50.00 per ad (1/4 - 1/2 page).

Ads may be done with the advertiser's website visible and fully functional inside an iframe window right in the page. The ad for the AHS store demonstrates this.

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