Best Local Society Newsletter and Editor Award 
Susy Olsen,  Rochester, MN
2013 WINNER (tie)
Shades of Green Hosta Society, The Hosta Leaf
November 2012 Issue
Editor -
Susy Olsen

This award was established in 2006 and is awarded to the local editor and society of the best newsletter (individual copy) as selected by the judging committee from newsletters entered by local societies. The award is a certificate presented at the National Convention.

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New Editor BioRaised on a southeastern Minnesota dairy farm, Susy Olsen’s love for earth, flower, leaf, and whimsy started early and has taken on a life of its own.  Susy and her husband love to entertain on their porch and in their backyard living space.  Weekly, they entertain their three adult children and four granddaughters, who love to play in the hosta-lined play areas.  Their very shaded small city lot screams ‘come in and play.’

Always looking for different means of self-expression, Susy investigates different art forms, such as   pottery, glass, wood, copper, and cement.  Like the friendship plant we love to share, Susy loves sharing her creations, although they usually end up in garden, as well.  One of her 2012 additions consisted of a 6x6 foot sand box, covered with a sedums and succulents green roof.  It features a handmade Ecuadorian hammock for relaxing; our children and grandchildren love it.


During the school year, Susy works in technology for a Rochester high school.  Summers, you can find her playing in her yard with her grand-girls or working in her yard with either a shovel or a chain saw and drill.  


Susy is the newsletter editor for Shades of Green Hosta Society of Southeastern Minnesota.

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