Synopsis of The Hosta Chronicles, Chapters 1-9
Jim Henry - Lewes, DE
In last year's issue of The Online Journal we met the Delaware gardener Herman Funk, aka Funky, whose commitment to the environment is surpassed only by his love of hostas. His clients include Ray and Shirley, a retired couple with an extensive hosta collection, and Cass and Gloria, Washingtonians with a shared beach house who are encountering hostas for the first time. A third client manages an office park where Funky is installing the landscape with the aim of raising environmental awareness while promoting hostas. Victory
Night-Before-Christmas We also met Agnes Doolittle, a wealthy divorcée who has recently relocated to Lewes from Philadelphia's Main Line, and who has contracted Demetrio Perez as the gardener who will help her install her exclusively blue hosta collection brought from Philly en masse in her new garden. Demetrio learns early on that Agnes, though an avid collector, is clueless as a gardener, her deceased husband having ordained that gardening is dirty and thus not fit for a woman. Demetrio convinces Agnes to engage with her hostas from a new perspective, getting to know them up close and personal as a gardener—while he ekes out a living as a migrant gardener.
While planting a specimen of Victory in the garden of Ray and Shirley, Funky hears a voice that he believes to be Ray's, which Ray categorically denies. Are the voices in Funky's head purely his imagination, an ominous first indicator of schizophrenia, or something else? This issue of OLJ picks up where we left off under the new title of Hosta Seizure, remaining faithful to the novel's tagline: While gardeners tend their hostas, hostas tend their gardeners …


Guardian-Angel * Editor’s note: The author, Jim Henry, is interested in your thoughts regarding this conclusion to the novel. Jim has generously agreed offered us the balance of the chapters through to the completion of this story. Use the text box provided to interact with Jim and share your thoughts. Established nomenclature standards have not been applied in order to preserve the literary style of the writer.

Jim envisions future installments in the life of Funky. Check this link out for news of Funky:

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