National Convention Committee

A volunteer committee from a local hosta society(s), (applied and accepted), organizes and orchestrates the yearly National Convention of the American Hosta Society. This is a multi-day event and has occurred yearly for over twenty years (prior to this it was held every other year). At the Convention the business meeting of the Society is held and the AHS Board of Directors meets to determine policy and to give direction to the President and the Executive Committee who are responsible for day-to-day functioning of the Society and provide support for the various committees of the AHS.

There are Scientific Sessions, a Hosta Show, a National Garden Tour, and a Plant Auction mandated by our bylaws. In addition, this is where the workshops are held for: Editors of newsletters, local gardening societies, Judges training clinics, beginner's introduction-to-hostas seminars, and other similar programs. There are usually two banquets. One, at which the business meeting is held and an Educational Speaker addresses the Society and the other at which awards are made and outstanding contributions to the Genus Hosta are recognized. As the Society grows larger and more complex the National Convention has become one of our shinning stars.

The entire event is run by volunteers from the local society(s) who get guidance from the AHS – Executive VP and previous convention volunteers, but for the most part do it themselves.

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