Exhibitions and Judges

This committee provides information on how to conduct flower and leaf shows to the public at large -- members and non-members -- free (there is on occasion a small charge to cover the cost of printed matter and other enduring materials).

The committee conducts the largest hosta show in the world each year at the annual convention. At this show the latest cultivars are exhibited, educational displays provided, artistic displays are entered by national champion flower arrangers, and the finest examples of registered cultivars are entered into competition for awards (plaques and ribbons). There is a special class for new seedlings and sports of existing plants and for container-grown plants from hothouses. The Show is always free to the public and has been a valuable vehicle for attracting interest and enthusiasm for hostas and for the love of gardening.

The Show is judged by a panel of accredited Master Judges. Apprentice Judges train with them at this show during and after the judging process. The Master Judges also run clinics/workshops for other members who wish to improve/maintain their skills at the AHS Convention. There is no charge for this training.

Other clinics are operated by the Master Judges at various local hosta societies around the country throughout the year under the auspices of the American Hosta Society and coordinated by the Chairs of the Exhibition and Judges Committees. There is no fee for the clinics and the Master Judges are volunteers. Meticulous records are kept of the judges status and the results of the Show conducted by the AHS at their convention as well as the shows sanctioned by them at the local society meetings.

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