The Hosta Journal

The Hosta Journal is widely regarded as one of the premier specialty horticultural publications in America. This alone would be worth the price of membership. The editing and solicitation of articles is performed with great skill and dedication by a highly qualified and talented staff.

The journal has been successful because it blends a mixture of pragmatic gardening articles, information about newly developed cultivars as well as those of great interest, information about organizational activities across the US, articles deemed of scientific interest and merit, and other subjects related to the AHS and/or hostas. The decision by the editors to strive for this mix has resulted in a publication which is read and appreciated by virtually all of our members. It is not a trade journal, nor a social journal, nor a (dry) scientific journal. It is geared to cover the hosta front and provide the latest and most reliable information about hostas -- in particular on how to identify, breed and grow them as well as their backgrounds and characteristics.

The Hosta Journal is now mailed twice a year with a third Convention issue online in the members only area of the AHS website.    This is a great expense for the Society due to the extremely high quality of the numerous color photographs of plants and gardens that are included.   These illustrations are one of the keystones of the publication and the result has been widely hailed as the bench mark for quality among gardening and horticultural scientific/educational publications.  The Library of Congress has an on going subscription as do many university horticultural libraries, academic gardening societies and arboretums both in the USA and abroad.

The Hosta Journal is our single largest expense and the money for producing it comes from our dues and our National Auctions of Donated Plants.

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