Officer Responsibilities

The officers are responsible for all operations of the Society,
making policy and conducting business.

The President presides over all meetings of the Society, fills all vacancies and appoints all Committee Chairpersons.

The Executive Vice-President presides in the absence of the President and oversees convention administration.

The Vice-President Genus Hosta is in charge of Classification and Nomenclature, the International Registrar for the Genus Hosta, Scientific Grants, and the Growers Group.

The Vice-President Judging and Exhibitions is in charge of Hosta Shows, the Garden Performance award and Judges training.

The Vice-President Member Services is in charge of the AHS Display Gardens, and Education and Public Relations.

The Vice-President Publications is in charge of all publishing dealing with The Hosta Journal, The Online Journal, E-Newsletter, Website, publication sales, and all other publications of the AHS.

The Vice-President Awards and Honors is in charge of awards given by the Society.

The Membership Secretary shall receive all new memberships and maintain a current membership list.

The Treasurer oversees all funds of the Society and oversees the Audit & Finance Committee

The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of Board Meetings and receive and distribute annual reports of the officers.

The Journal Editor is responsible for publishing the official Society publication, The Hosta Journal.

The Online Journal Editor is responsible for publishing of the official Society publication, The OnLine Journal.

The WebSite Editor is responsible for keeping the web site up to date.

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