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Welcome to the American Hosta Society (AHS) website. We are the national plant society concerned with everything hosta. The AHS offers many opportunities to learn about and celebrate hostas, which have been the most popular perennial plant for many years.

Whether you are new to hosta gardening or have been an AHS member for many years, the resources offered by the society are numerous. Membership in the AHS provides you with the following benefits and opportunities:

• A subscription to the award-winning The Hosta Journal, a magazine-quality publication featuring exquisite, full-color photographs, feature articles, and columns covering all aspects of the genus Hosta.

• Access to the electronic The Online Journal, featuring extensive write-ups and photo coverage of our annual national conventions, available through the Members Only section of this website

• Locations of and access to information about more than 25 AHS National Display Gardens found in many regions of the country, as well as other hosta display gardens, many of which are open only to AHS members.

• A listing of reputable hosta growers and vendors available on this website.

• Periodic notification about what’s new and “hot” in the hosta world, including receiving the annual list of newly registered hostas.

• Information about activities for both members and non-members, including national and regional conventions, garden tours, hosta sales and auctions, hosta shows and educational activities on a national, regional or local society level.

• Two hosta auction a year: a live auction of rare and interesting hostas and other garden plants and gardening accessories during the summer national convention; and an online auction in January featuring similar plant material. Proceeds from both auctions help cover society expenses not covered by membership dues.

• Most importantly, developing new and, many times, life-long friendships with people across the country that share a similar interest in hostas, affectionately called the “friendship” plant. Learning from other members and sharing your experiences with them is truly the greatest benefit of membership in any hosta organization.

• A highlight each year is the AHS national convention, held during the summer and hosted by a local hosta society, the location of which varies year to year. Convention events and activities include garden tours, an accredited Hosta Show, educational workshops and seminars, a vending room offering a wide selection of hostas, companion plants and other garden accessories, and an awards banquet to recognize deserving members of the AHS. The convention also provides a unique opportunity to meet fellow hosta gardeners, hybridizers, growers and friends.

For more than 50 years, the American Hosta Society has been celebrating our favorite plant and extolling its many virtues to all who would listen. I extend a personal invitation to those of you who are not members to consider joining our numbers. It’s easy to do. Just click here for more information and our membership application form.

Andy Marlow
President, American Hosta Society 

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