2013 Big Bid Items

These were the items that brought the highest bids ($150+) at the
2013 AHS On-Line Auction.

2013 AHS Online Auction Results & Summary

H. 'Rod Kuenster' (R. Kuenster & J. Miller)

Hold onto your seats folks. The breeders in the crowd know full well what it is like to await the availability of a coveted breeding plant. This is one that has been seen by several hosta breeders and fits such a criteria! H. 'Rod Kuenster'

H. ‘Rod Kuenster’ is a seedling from Rod Kuenster’s breeding program and was gifted to Jeff Miller of Land of the Giants Hosta Farm. Jeff named the seedling in Rod’s honor; that speaks volumes in terms of Jeff’s view of this plant for Rod is one of his very close friends. Jeff’s words paint a good picture, “(I have) used this plant in my program for three years now and the seedlings are remarkable. The hosta seedgrowers who have seen this plant have drooled over it for years now. The plant sets seed even in very high temperatures, every pod. What a great plant for people to use in their program.” This is high praise from a man that germinates 10,000 seed per year and makes 2,000+ crosses a year. Conversation with Jeff also disclosed that this plant has the ability to take on the pollen parent’s characteristics as well. Can you imagine this with curls, pie-crusting, leaves the size of ‘Empress Wu’ and the like!

H. ‘Rod Kuenster’ clums up at 32” high and 60’ in diameter. It is a cross of Dorothy Benedict x Blue Belly, another of Rod’s great breeders.

The successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. Bid often and bid high upon this offer from our donor, Jeff Miller. This offer will be divided off of the mother plant and is first piece offered from the clump. A strong single or better is the offer … the better the bid, well, you know.

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