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Your chance to participate in an AHS auction could pass you by!

We have two per year that you don’t want to miss. And don’t forget to donate! The friendship plant needs to be shared with others and a new auction is always just around the corner! Donate, browse and buy! Both of these auctions are an exciting interaction of fun hostaholics and truly worth your participation.

You need not be a member of AHS to participate.


The AHS On-Line Auction raises funds for the society’s world premier publication The Hosta Journal. Held each winter in mid to late January, it offers a welcome reprieve from the winter lull with pictures and descriptions of Hosta and related shade gardening items. Home gardeners offering pieces of their prized hostas, businesses displaying their new offerings, and hybridizers introducing their newest creations all use this vehicle to help raise funds and draw attention to the plants they love. Donors and bidders from all over the country and overseas are represented. Join the fun of this event by using the link posted on this site or published in the society’s multiple publications. You may choose to be placed upon a mailing list and receive electronic messages regarding this event once you have participated and your email address is relayed to the auction coordinator. The AHS On-Line Auction offers fast paced bidding, the strategy of outwitting your mystery competition, and an opportunity to help our society continue to flourish!

How it Works

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The National Convention Plant Auction occurs at the annual AHS Convention. Donations from individual members and large commercial growers feature rare and valuable hostas and some other fine plants and other materials. The Auctioneers are great, the bidders frenzied and the audience goes wild! If you are at the convention, you don’t want to miss this event. You won’t believe the prices or the fun as plants like you have never imagined pass before your eyes! Some are even priced where anyone can give it a try. Sometimes you even get to see an entire tray of treasured seedlings form a dynamic cross. These donations further the work of the AHS and are primarily used to support our fantastic Journal. This is a place where members can obtain plants that are literally "not for sale" anywhere else. The ‘BIG BUCKS’ largest single donor is awarded an engraved plaque at the Convention Awards Banquet. The auction is run by volunteer help from the sponsoring local hosta society with national assistance. You can send your plant donations to the AHS National Convention with a friend (You know our suitcases and cars are not full on our way there!) or contact the convention hosts and they will help you get your treasure included. If you are at the convention, you don’t want to miss this event.

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AHS Auction Awards

The American Hosta Society and its members show its appreciation through a token of appreciation to the donors to both auctions, convention and on-line. The donor contributing the greatest revenue yielding total of contributions for an auction event is recognized for their generosity. The donors of individual plants which bring in extraordinary bids (as defined below) are recognized, drawing special attention to the individual plant(s) within each level of bid.

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