2009 Limerick Contest


In the early 1800s limericks were first developed as nonsensical verses for children. Limerick Ireland is the birthplace of this form of poetry for the common man. To celebrate our good friend, the Hosta, the 2009 Michigan Convention Committee invited members to submit limericks. Here were the rules:

1. The name or names of registered Hostas were to be included in the Limerick, which was to follow the traditional format.
2. Limericks were to be witty and clever without recourse to vulgarity or indecency and be suitable for recount in the presence of ladies of high moral character and children.
3. A panel of judges selected the best limerick and 4 runner-up winners based on originality, cleverness, content, structure, spelling, punctuation, and rhythm.
Pictured below (left to right): Kathy Guest Shadrack, Mark Hanner, Bev Wolf, Roberta Chopko, and Judy Burns
Limerick Contestants

Grand Prize Winner:

'Bigga Luigi' grew hostas Italiano
To impress all his fellow paisano.
His friends were 'Bedazzled'
But soon grew so frazzled
they set their 'Sails Ho' for Milano.

-By Roberta Chopko

Runner-up Winners (All of equal merit):

I love 'Lady Isobel Barnett,'
She's my favorite hosta, and yet,
I also like 'Francee,'
'Naomi,' and 'Nancy'
And 'Abby,' and 'June' and 'Coquette!'

-By Judy Burns

There once was a plant of some measure
tossed out, then retrieved with pleasure.
Thought Herb, it's too sad,
Said Bob, "Not so bad,"
And now we enjoy 'One Man's Treasure.'

-By Mark Hanner

The curse of the slimy, fat, slug
Caused me to put beer in a mug.
In hopes that once drunk
He'd die in a funk -
It's 'Beer Belly Blues' wonder drug!

-By Bev Wolf

My 'Sagae' was chewed by a vole
Or maybe, in fact, by a mole
Or it could be, it's true
A mouse or a shrew
All I know is what's left is a hole!

-By Kathy Guest Shadrack


Honorable Mention:

There was an old 'Rascal' named Dave,
Who worked all his life like a slave.
Now he's planted his grounds
With hostas like 'Zounds'
And hears only 'Cascades' of raves.

-By Dave Chopko

The name 'Striptease' is inviting,
Makes you envision things exciting,
But of those things it's not that type,
The name part is just the hype,
But in growing well it's delighting.

-By Nick Carter

A grower we all know named Mark Zilis
Ships hostas with a promise to bill us.
We place orders for 'Treasure'
And still get no pleasure
Fearing our spouses might yet try to kill us.

-By Roberta Chopko

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