Contribution Awards

Auction Awards

Outstanding Auction Contributor - National Convention Auction
Walters Gardens, Inc.

Top Choice Donation - On-Line Auction
Rick Goodenough
H. 'Kathie Sisson'

Donations of Distinction - On-Line Auction
Rod Kuenster
H. 'Tsuma Tajima'

Jan van den Top
H. 'Hidden Treasure'

Marlys Anderson
H. 'Galaxy II'

Please visit the Auction section of our website for more information on auction awards, as well as lists of auction donors and donations.

Activity Awards

AHS Best Local Society Newsletter and Editor Award

Michigan Hosta Society Hosta Happenings (Nov. 2009)
Editor: Janet L. Everson

AHS Best Local Society Newsletter Article and Author Award
"Fall Slug Control"

Mary Bardens

AHS Best New Journal Author Award
"Hybridizing Take Your Time" (Vol. 40, Number 1)
Frank Nykios

Photography Contest Awards

1. Best Hosta Single Leaf (taken in a hosta show)
H. 'The Razor's Edge' by Debbie Hurlbert

2. Best Hosta Close-Up Showing Six or Fewer Leaves
(in a garden setting)
H. 'Liberty' by Sandra Schaider

3. Best Picture of an Entire Mature Hosta Clump
sport of H. 'Lakeside Dragonfly' by Debbie Hurlbert

4. Best Landscape Picture Showing Multiple Hosta Clumps
(3 or more clumps of the same or different cultivars)
"Hosta Overview" by Robert Gall

5. Best Landscape Picture Involving Hostas and
Companion Plants and/or
Non-Plant Garden Accessories (statues, artwork, etc.)

"Buddha" by Jay McWherter

6. Best Picture of Two or More Identified People in a
Tour Garden at an AHS Convention

"Waiting to use the facilities or just looking around" (in Jim and Sandy Wilkins garden at 2009 AHS Convention) by Debbie Hurlbert


2010 President’s Awards
Awarded annually by the AHS President
for service to The American Hosta Society.

Kevin Walek

Josh Spece

Ken Harris

Cynthia Wilhoite

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