Auction held January 12th to 26th, 2013

Auctioneers: Don Dean, Joanna Kovalcsik






‘Jetstream’ Champagne $54.00 Bob & Nancy Solberg
'Alligator Alley' Rosiesgarden $52.00 Walters Gardens
medio sport of 'Adrenaline Rush' Seban13 $250.00 Marlys Anderson
'Foxfire Shadow Dancer’ OS Hammer1 $115.00 Ed Thaubald
'Color Parade' Rosiesgarden $56.00 Tom Micheletti
'Miss Ruby' OS Hammer1 $43.00 Ed McHugh
Spece Miniature Garden #1 Lena05 $72.00 Josh Spece
Beilstein seedling C 120-7-4 Dagwood $100.00 Doug Beilstein
‘Margaret Eyre’ Jetgal $25.00 Tom Micheletti
'Peach Salsa’ Leeshore $37.00 Bob and Nancy Solberg
‘Reflected Glory’ TC #1 Kattypatty $51.00 Jack Barta
‘Rainbow's Moon’ Seban13 $115.00 Owen and Sue Purvis
‘Your Welcome’ Dragon $28.00 Tom Micheletti
‘Private Dancer’ Dovetail $60.00 Naylor Creek
‘Cool as a Cucumber’ Hosta1 $46.00 Walters Gardens
‘Shining Star’ Hosta1 $63.00 Rob Mortko
‘Thank You’ Mnhostaboy $31.00 Tom Micheletti
'Mr. Blue' Browsermeister $80.00 Ed McHugh
‘Tarheel Blue’ Meg $51.00 Bob and Nancy Solberg
'Fat Cheeks' Mnhostaboy $425.00 Ken Ziarek
'Blue Suede Shoes' Meg $280.00 Ken Ziarek
'Turbo' Hammer1 $89.00 Owen and Sue Purvis
'Fog Light' Breeze $54.00 Naylor Creek
‘Barndance’ Mnhostaboy $275.00 Linda Port
‘Almost Heaven’ Lena05 $46.00 Bob and Nancy Solberg
'Striptease' OS Lamingtonhouse $300.00 Jack Barta
'Secret Treasure' Mortucky $43.00 Naylor Creek
‘Nickie Sue Axmear’ Francis $34.00 Naylor Creek
'Pacific Sunset' Hostachick $100.00 Bob and Nancy Solberg
Spece Miniature Garden #2 Zbestgal $50.00 Josh Spece
'Charity' TC Vole $55.00 Ed Thaubald
‘Honey Pie’ Dovetail $31.00 Bob and Nancy Solberg
‘Humpback Whale’ OS Lamingtonhouse $455.00 Ross Johnson
‘Reflected Glory’ TC #2 Sojourner $38.00 Jack Barta
RA Smith Seedling Pack #2 Seban13 $268.00 Roger Smith
'Foxfire Bamm Bamm' Mortucky $80.00 Ed Thaubald
‘Church Mouse’ Suzoldstuf $44.00 Walters Gardens
‘Catch of the Day’ Mortucky $30.00 Bob and Nancy Solberg
'High Noon' Lamingtonhouse $250.00 Ross Johnson
'Abba Dabba Do' Lamingtonhouse $75.00 Jack Barta
'Azure Waves' Rex $60.00 Tom Micheletti
‘Stephen King’ Redcrx $60.00 Naylor Creek
‘Blueberry Muffin’ Lindab52 $24.00 Ron Dow
‘Lake Wales‘ Dragon $96.00 Owen and Sue Purvis
‘Angel Eyes' TC Rosiesgarden $57.00 Jack Barta
‘Snow Bunting’ Vole $40.00 Naylor Creek
‘Seducer’ PPAF Lena05 $34.00 Ron Dow
'Stir it Up' Redcrx $55.00 Naylor Creek
'Blackberry Turnover' Browsermeister $110.00 Ken Ziarek
Beilstein seedling S 87-00-1 Browsermeister $145.00 Doug Beilstein
‘Pearly Gates’ Brutus $29.00 Bob and Nancy Solberg
'Spartan Spear' Hostachick $131.00 Don Dean
‘Isla de Taxas’ Rasmith6 $170.00 Jeff Moore
margined sdlg. of 'Adrenaline Rush' Hillsong $85.00 Marlys Anderson
‘Casting Crowns’ Suzoldstuf $292.00 Trudy Van Wyk
‘Reflected Glory’ TC #3 Hosta1 $53.00 Jack Barta
‘Motley Crew’ Seban13 $560.00 Rick Goodenough
‘Rod Kuenster’ Mrhosta $1100.00 Jeff Miller
‘Isla Siete’ Suzoldstuf $213.00 Jeff Moore
'Foxfire Zulu' Katieq $78.00 Ed Thaubald
‘Delona's Smile’ Katieq $29.00 Bob and Nancy Solberg


'Dorothy Benedict' F1 X OP #307 Peco $20.00 Trudy Van Wyk
'Potter's Hands' x OP Hillsong $24.00 Trudy Van Wyk
Dean Seed Combo #1 150+ Rex $43.00 Don Dean
Dean Seed Combo #2 200+ Bunznhostas $48.00 Don Dean
Dean Seed Combo #3 150+ Rex $42.00 Don Dean
'Candy Dish' x 'Astral Bliss' Brady777 $21.00 Trudy Van Wyk
Dean Seed Combo #4 150+ Boaz $50.00 Don Dean
'Ice Age Trail' x 'Dragon Lady' Genealogist $41.00 Jeff Miller
'Uberageous' sgshaw $60.00 Trudy Van Wyk
Dean Seed Combo #7 125+ Genealogist $51.00 Don Dean
Dean Seed Combo #8 150+ Mimi5 $72.00 Don Dean
Dean Seed Combo #11 150+ Tigger $52.00 Don Dean
'Dorothy Benedict' F1 #2508 x OP Prairie $25.00 Trudy Van Wyk
'Ice Age Trail' x 'Behemoth' Tigger $33.00 Jeff Miller
'Ice age Trail' x 'Jade Cascade' Genealogist $45.00 Jeff Miller
Dean Seed Combo #6 150+ Redhosta $42.00 Don Dean
Dean Seed Combo #9 200+ Boaz $90.00 Don Dean
'Our Friend Reldon' Hosta08 $44.00 Trudy Van Wyk
'Gone Fishin' ' x OP  Redhosta $22.00 Trudy Van Wyk
Dean Seed Combo #5 175+ Brutus $48.00 Don Dean
Dean Seed Combo #10 150+ Redhosta $100.00 Don Dean
'Justice' x 'Dragon Lady' Brat $51.00 Jeff Miller


Paua Teardrop Pendant Annie $15.00 Madelon Gilligan
Kawakawa Pounamu #2 Redhosta $20.00 Madelon Gilligan
Cash Donation $25 Moccasin $25.00 Moccasin
Cash Donation $50 Bobaxe $50.00 Bobaxe
Charm w Functionality Reds #2 Seban13 $15.00 Madelon Gilligan
Paua Shell Crucifix Snow $15.00 Madelon Gilligan
One Rata Flower Luggage Tag #1  Kingcole $8.00 Madelon Gilligan
One Rata Flower Luggage Tag #2 Boaz $8.00 Madelon Gilligan
Two Boxes of The Hosta Journal Mrhosta $80.00 AHS
Hosta Lists book Brat $30.00 Don Rawson
Hosta Hybridizer's Manual hostababe $40.00 Don Rawson
Spece Miniature Garden of Color Bunznhostas $74.00 Josh Spece
Double Oriental Lily Collection Blackhawkgiboshi $42.00 Marianna/Garden Breeze
Paua Fish Hook Pendant dabber $22.00 Madelon Gilligan
Charm w Functionality Blue/Purple #2 Kingcole $15.00 Madelon Gilligan
Maori Motif Luggage Tag Kingcole $8.00 Madelon Gilligan
Roimata Pounamu Greenstone Nmb $35.00 Madelon Gilligan
TOTAL        $9,298.00


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