Benedict Garden Performance Awards

After the slow, but steady process the first Benedict Medal was awarded at the 2009 AHS Convention in Lansing, Michigan.  The winner, which was chosen from the 2008 Award of Merit winners by Garden Performance Judges across the country, represents the best-of-the-best, the ultimate hosta. It is a hosta that performs well in gardens in all regions.

Benedict Garden Performance Medal 2009

H. June

H. ‘June’ (NEO Plants Ltd.)

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Benedict Garden Performance Awards of Merit

          1. H. ‘Guacamole’ (R. Solberg)
          2. H. ‘Inniswood’ (Inniswood Metro Gardens)
          3. H. ‘Spilt Milk’ (M. Seaver)
          4. H. ‘One Man’s Treasure’ (R. Solberg)
          5. H. ‘Queen Josephine’ (Kuk's Forest Nursery)
          6. H. sieboldiana 'Elegans’ (AHS)
          7. H. ‘Golden Tiara’ (R. Savory)
          8. H. ‘Salute’ (H. & D. Benedict)
          9. H. ‘Francee’ (M. Klopping & AHS)
          10. H. ‘Torchlight’ (W. & E. Lachman) (tie)
          11. H. ‘Touch of Class’ (H. Hansen & Shady Oaks Nursery) (tie)

Benedict Garden Performance Honorable Mention Awards

1.  H. ‘Niagara Falls’ (W. Brincka & O. Petryszyn)
2.  H. ‘Frosted Jade’ (L. Maroushek)
3.  H. ‘Earth Angel’ (H. Hansen)
4.  H. ‘First Frost’ (R. Solberg)
5.  H. ‘Lemon Lime’ (R. Savory)
6.  H. ‘Tiny Tears’ (R. Savory)
7.  H. ‘Brother Stefan’ (O. Petryszyn)
8.  H. ‘Blue Wedgwood’ (E. Smith & BHHS)
9.  H. ‘Cracker Crumbs’ (R. Solberg)
10. H. ‘Manhattan’ (W. Brincka & O. Petryszyn) (tie)
11. H. ‘Silver Bay’ (D. Dean) (tie)
12. H. ‘Fried Bananas’ (R. Solberg)
13. H. ‘Key Lime Pie’ (H. Hansen) (tie)
14. H. ‘Lakeside Baby Face’ (M. Chastain) (tie)
15. H. ‘Van Wade’ (B. Kuk)

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