Benedict Garden Performance Awards

The 2018 Benedict Medal was awarded at the AHS Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The winner, which was chosen from the 2017 Award of Merit winners by Garden Performance Judges across the country, represents the best-of-the-best, the ultimate hosta. It is a hosta that performs well in gardens in all regions.

The winner, H. 'Curly Fries' (R. Solberg - 2008) for 2018 is pictured below.

Benedict Garden Performance Medal 2018

Hosta 'Curly Fries'- 2018 Benedict Garden Performance Medal Winner

H. 'Curly Fries' (R. Solberg - 2008)

AHS members can use your Members Password to log in and read the 2018 Online Journal when it is published to view photos of all the Benedict Garden Performance Award of Merit and Honorable Mention winners.

Benedict Garden Performance Awards of Merit

  1. H. 'Autumn Frost' (Walters Gardens, Inc./H. Hansen - 2009)
  2. H. 'Blue Betty Lou' (C. Owens - 1987)
  3. H. 'Moonlight Sonata' (G. Johnson - 2004)
  4. H. 'Neptune' (H. Hansen - 2006)
  5. H. 'Pewterware' (D. Dean - 1999)
  6. H. 'Rainbow’s End' (H. Hansen/Shady Oaks Nursery - 2005)
  7. H. 'Sharp Dressed Man' (R. Solberg - 2005)
  8. H. 'Squash Casserole' (T. Avent - 1995)

Benedict Garden Performance Honorable Mention Awards

  1. H. 'Clear Fork River Valley' (V. Wade - 2007)
  2. H. 'Cookie Crumbs' (M. Zilis/R. Solberg - 2002)
  3. H. 'Electrocution' (T. Avent - 2005)
  4. H. 'Gemstone' (T. Avent - 2005)
  5. H. 'Mango Salsa' (R. Solberg - 2011)
  6. H. 'Shady Affair' (G. Johnson/Russ O'Harra Hosta Society - 2003)
  7. H. 'Spartacus' (H. Hansen/Shady Oaks - 2007)
  8. H. 'Sum of All' (M. Zilis - 2003)
  9. H. 'Vulcan' (H. Hansen/Shady Oaks - 2007)

For more information about this award, see the Benedict Garden Performance Medal page.

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