President's Awards

Recipients of these awards are selected by the President to reward outstanding service to The American Hosta Society on the national level. The award is a certificate presented by the President at the National Convention.

President Tom Micheletti gave President's Awards the following members for 2010: 


Ken Harris Josh Spece Kevin Walek Cynthia Wilhoite
Presidential Awards 
Tom Micheletti, AHS President

   Too often people are not recognized for all the work they do on behalf of the AHS. While we do recognize members that have made outstanding contributions of time and talents through our notable Alex Summers Award for distinguished service to the society, and the Eunice Fisher Award to distinguished hybridizers. Many people put in countless hours keeping our society viable and flourishing. Awards are given at our annual convention to recognize members that have opened their gardens, displayed leaves in the leaf show, contributed to make our auction a success, written articles, and taken award winning photographs. There are never-the-less members working behind the scenes without fanfare or appreciation. Thus the Presidential Awards were established, for the President of our society to be able to thank some of those members for all they do for the society.

   This summer I was honored to be able to present the Presidential Awards to:

Ken Harris for volunteering to be photo editor for the website when I asked for volunteers. Ken has collected thousands of pictures of hosta plants from members and stores them on his computer for future use by our website team and the Journal staff. Ken also does extensive work with PhotoShop to make the photos look their best

Josh Spece who puts in countless hours keeping the AHS website updated. He is always very responsive when asked to post an update. They are usually made within a day or two of a request, keeping our information fresh for our members..

Kevin Walek, Registrar for the genus Hosta for the commitment he has made faithfully keeping the annual registrations up-to-date. This year he devoted many hours to updating and registering the many plants on the IAC list in addition to the normal group of yearly registrations. There were over 500 hostas were registered this year due to Kevin’s efforts.
Cynthia Wilhoite for all the research she did setting up the HVX Research Program, coordinating it with the University of Minnesota, communicating with them to make sure the research was progressing, and creating the brochure we released with the results of the project.
   It is a great honor be working with these members and to be able to say thank you to them for helping make the AHS a flourishing society.

Best Local Society Newsletter and Editor Award

Michigan Hosta Society Hosta Happenings,
Nov 2009 Issue
Editor - Janet L. Everson

This award was established in 2006 and is awarded to the local editor and society of the best newsletter (individual copy) as selected by the judging committee from newsletters entered by local societies. The award is a certificate presented at the National Convention.

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Best Local Society Newsletter Author Award

“Fall Slug Control” by Mary Bardens
The winning article is printed in this issue

This award was established in 2006 and is awarded to the author of the best original article printed in a local society newsletter as selected by the judging committee from articles entered by local societies. The award is a certificate presented at the National Convention.


   The winners of these newsletter awards are selected by a committee comprised of the AHS Newsletter Coordinator and two other members selected by the coordinator. 
   In order to enter, local societies must participate in the National Newsletter Exchange. All newsletters produced in the last calendar year and all original articles contained in these newsletters are eligible. Only one newsletter and one article may be entered per local society each year.


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