The Garden of Julie Carley and Gary Mosiman
Minnetonka, Minnesota
   A meadow of brightly colored perennials blooms happily along the road leading to the house, welcoming garden visitors. A stunning green and white border of Hosta ‘Patriot’ beckons like a beacon, encouraging visitors to proceed through the arbor on the right. And then, wow! Huge hosta clumps and spectacular grasses are displayed on either side of a winding flagstone walkway. Tiny mini hostas encourage guests to pause and look more closely. Paths lead visitors down the hill, to discover one exciting vista after another.
   Take time to climb four steps to the upper level of the rustic backyard timber walls, with its small circle walk through dense ferns and hostas. Here you can find ‘Alex Summers’, ‘Captain Kirk’ and several of the popular minis. 

Julie Carley and Gary Mosiman

   Since they moved here in 1985, these avid gardeners have planted hundreds of hostas, ferns, variegated Solomon seals, astilbes, daylilies and ligularia. Myriads of other companion plants are interspersed liberally throughout the hosta-filled grounds. Massive Joe Pye weed, tall Rudbeckia and huge hostas that thrive in the sun can be found at the foot
of the hillside.
   Buckthorn and weeds on the school property at the foot of the hill have been replaced with welcoming gardens as a gift for all to enjoy. Take advantage of the benches placed throughout the property to sit and drink in the beauty created here. ..........

Garden Tour Photos

My Visit: Jim Weidman
St. Louis, Missouri, US

    A spectacular row of the green and white Hosta ‘Patriot’ greeted us as we approached the home of Julie Carley and Gary Mosiman. Seventy-five beautiful specimens – each 3 feet wide - outlined the manicured front yard and served as an appetizer of what was to come. We walked through the arbor beside the house, down the flagstone path with huge clumps of hostas on both sides, stopped to enjoy a bed of well-grown minis and then looked up to take in the spectacular vistas that unfolded in all directions. 
   It was instantly apparent that this was a garden created by two people who love hostas, have a great eye for design, and are meticulous in every detail. Julie and Gary moved into their house 25 years ago. One year later, they received a gift of their first hosta – Hosta 'Lancifolia'. Since then, they have created a tiered hillside [1] with paths that lead from one beautiful part of the garden to the other.
   As you pause and look around, great vistas reveal an outstanding combination of beautiful design; a repetition of curving forms and splashes of color, creating a perfect palette that Monet would have loved to paint from. First and foremost, this is a garden of finely grown hostas. ‘Patriot’ from the front garden is repeated [2] in the back, helping to unify the landscape, tying it all together.

   The owners’ favorite, ‘Majesty’ [3], stands as a beacon in the middle of the back border of the yard. Other favorites include ‘On Stage’ [4], ‘Olive Branch’ [5], ‘Thunderbolt’ [6] (Best Single Clump Nominee), ‘St. Paul’ [7] and ‘Blue Without You’ [8] – a blue version of ‘Striptease’ given to Julie and Gary six years ago. On a cloudy, gloomy morning, the garden glows with light and color. The rain the night before has left the garden beautifully washed and gleaming.
   The perfect hosta garden includes the creative use of companion plants, and Julie and Gary have accomplished that to perfection. The mixture of companion plants enhances the hostas in every way. Variegated  Solomon’s seals, daylilies, astilbes, and ferns dot the landscape. The standout, however, is the mass use of ligularia. It is difficult for this writer from St. Louis, who has killed every ligularia he has ever planted, to experience the use of ligularia as a ground cover. A comment overheard in the garden was, “I have been in swamps that had less ligularia - absolutely beautiful.”
   As you sit on the bench at the top of the hill next to Julie and Gary’s house – one of many benches positioned throughout the garden – you take in a well-manicured, well-landscaped panorama, rich in texture and color and filled with hostas that impress you with their size and quality. It is peaceful, tranquil, inviting – a view that one could enjoy for hours.
   As that luxury was not possible today, I asked my fellow travelers, on our way to the next garden, to write their impressions of the garden they just visited. Their comments were justifiably glowing:  “Beautiful, beautiful, I felt I was in “Hosta Heaven”; “Hosta Paradise”; “Fantastic – just what every hostaholic wants to have”.
   The comment that stood out, however, was overheard in the garden by Kay Wolfe – “Now this is what a hosta garden should look like!”
Who could argue with that? 


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