The Gardens of Jim and Gaylene Ryan and Bill and Roxanne Cook
Rochester, Minnesota
   With adjoining surburban lots, neighbors the Ryans and the Cooks have created a large park-like atmosphere, shared and enjoyed by both families. Surrounded by mature trees, these gardens have been growing and changing for over two decades. The yards flow seamlessly from one to the other, yet each reflects the owners’ individuality.
   A small spring is channeled and cascades like a waterfall over the edge of the limestone-lined waterway, built with stone found on the property. Limestone walls are evident in other gardening spaces as well. Terraced gardens include wildflowers, colorful perennials and more than 350 varieties of hostas. A bridge and walkway lead visitors in the Ryan garden over a small stream to a special gardening space at the back of the property.

Roxanne and Bill Cook, Gay and Jim Ryan

   A varied collection of conifers brings year-around interest. Water features abound and garden art is tucked in here and there along the many paths.
   Next door, the Cooks sited masses of grasses in the corner. More dwarf conifers are strategically placed. A tropical garden features banana trees and elephant ears, and a southwest garden displays the Cooks’ cactus collection. Mosses and sedum seem to scamper through the gardens, droplets from a small fountain glisten in the sun and colorful annuals brighten both properties.
   Beauty has no boundaries.

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