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Doug Beilstein,
Executive Vice President

Everybody loves to go to CONVENTIONS.
County Fairs  ---  Everybody loves to go to COUNTY FAIRS.
   But alas nobody wants to work at the County Fair.  Unfortunately nobody wants to host an AHS National convention either. Our annual dues alone can not sustain our Society. The AHS needs the revenue generated from the National Convention (Auction funds and Vending surcharge) to survive.
Now for the good news !    

   The AHS is looking for sites for our National Convention in 2013 and beyond. In the past we have visited previous Convention cities and now would like to visit new areas of our country. Our next two conventions “2011-New England”  & “2012-Nashville” are first timers.
    A new prescription for Conventions has been set by 
“2008- St Louis” & “2010-Minneapolis” models. Both were designed in the relaxed mode --- both greatly enjoyed. The new model for convention consists of about 6-8 gardens for tour and maybe another 3-4 for an alternate tour if so desired.
   The AHS has vast experience in the 5 strategic committees of a Convention (1 Registration, 2 Hotel & Meals, 3 Buses, 4 Auction, 5 Vending). We are willing to provide people as co-chairs or major advisors in those capacities. What the Local (and we have had up to 3 locals team together) needs to provide are the local co-chairs for those committees and the volunteers needed. A three year planning time frame is desirable but it can be accomplished in 2 years if we can find a suitable hotel.

Organizational Look of AHS Convention (2010)

Local option for combining positions
mainly gone to the co-chair structure
usually separate from all other responsibilities  (separate checkbook from local)
            Name Tags
            Convention Bags
            Contents & stuffing
            Gift Plant
*  Hotel  (usually handles banquet part also)
            1. Room lodging requirements
            2. Hotel space requirements for the following:
                        Banquet facilities    ( 400-500 )
                        Sit-down meal always cheaper
                        Buffet meals
            National provides clerks, tellers, auctioneers
            Holding & processing room for auction plants
            Silent auctions held adjacent to hospitality 
            Root washing area to bare root
            Hotel lobby etc.

            Hosta vendors
            Greenware vendors

            Local vendor


Hosta Show  (facilities)
            Prep & classification room(s) 
            Staging room with head table
            Judging (procuring, instruction, luncheon)
*  Educational Component
             Major Speaker  (required)
             Participation classes
*  Hospitality  (usually sponsored by another local - munchies & soft drinks) 
             Starts Alternative tour evening
             Silent auction held adjacent to if possible
             Raffle -- supports local treasury
*  Buses  (Bus Capt., phones, contact list, manual, local interest info, toilets, monitors?)
             Alternative Day Tour  (˝ or full day)
             Tour Gardens - routes traveled in advance
             Nursery on tour ?
             Local attraction on Tour ?
Tour Garden Selection Committee
             Drivability, proximity, worthiness, features 
             Refreshments at gardens 
Volunteer Coordinator  (works with all other chairs & emergency people needs)

*  Awards  -  all awards are handled by AHS VP Honors and Awards
              Some locals choose to honor workers, tour gardens, Hosta Show division winners, etc. with local mementoes (optional)


That’s it !!!   Sounds simple  --   it’s not.   Sounds challenging  ---   it is.
   And then there is all that fun!  We as a Society, for our very health, now need a local(s) to host a Convention for 2013 and beyond. If you or your Local Society or Club have any questions or want to volunteer, please call 419-526-2966 or write, Doug Beilstein would love to talk with you.

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