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   At the board meeting in Minnesota a decision was made to bring one issue of The Hosta Journal to the internet, where it could realize its full potential. On the internet The Hosta Journal doesn't face the time or space constraints of a paper version. Articles can be any length - they can even be updated! Pictures can be larger and more numerous, and on the computer screen they have a luminosity that paper could never relate.

   There are advantages and drawbacks to the internet version of the Journal, but overall the internet version can offer so much more. In this inaugural issue, we have approximately three times the photographs, and most of those are bigger on the screen (depending on the reader's monitor) than the whole paper version of the Journal itself. We have about double the written articles too. There are even places for comments under some of the articles where readers can ask questions or speak their mind. 

   Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new online issue is that articles can be added or amended after they are posted. Once you think you have read all there is to read, check back occasionally to see if there is any new content - there just may be!

   The online issue of The Hosta Journal replaces the third paper publication, which is sometimes referred to as the "Convention Issue". It contains all of the information about the year's convention, including the awards presented, along with a number of articles about other topics.   

   Please read the brief tutorial below for a quick look at how the The Online Hosta Journal works. It isn't too difficult and we think you'll be mastering it in no time flat. It is not all flashy and complicated with “motion this” and “flash that”. It was designed to be an easy-to-read internet version of the printed forms we are used to.  Hopefully it's an easy transition from the beautiful design of the printed Journals to the new Online Hosta Journal.

   To use the new Online Issue of The Hosta Journal: .

1. Begin by clicking the photo on the cover. This leads you to the Contents Page (right), from which you can choose an article to read. Instead of turning pages, you simply click the article of your choice.


2. On an article page, some of the pictures can be enlarged. To do this, click the picture. Doing the same thing on the big version will take you back to the article.  Again, instead of turning pages you just click once.


3. When you have finished an article, at the bottom of the page you can choose to go to the next article, the previous article, or return to the Contents Page. At the top of each page the word "CONTENTS" in the upper left will also return you to the Contents Page with one click.


4.  The 2010 convention coverage can be reached by clicking on the gold bar in the middle of the main contents page.There is a gold bar at the top of each page of articles about the convention in the Convention Section, that you can click to return to the Convention Contents Page. 


5. On every page you will see the AHS logo. Clicking on it will open the AHS website in a separate browser window.



6. At the bottom of some articles there is a box wherein to type comments.  These will be displayed publicly below the box. Please observe common civility in your comments. Offensive comments will be removed and their writers may be banned.

there are a few simple things to learn:












Some Background on the Decision to Take The Hosta Journal Online

   In June 2010, at the AHS Board meeting in Minnesota, it was decided that with declining membership and declining revenues, we would embark on a new path by putting the convention issue of The Hosta Journal online. This idea had been discussed at length for the last few years, and now was the perfect time to put the idea into practice. 
   This new adventure into online publication of the third Journal will save the American Hosta Society more than $30,000 each year, and it will allow expanded coverage and more color photos of the gardens. This cost savings will bring into line the cost of membership services to match the cost of membership. 
   In 2003, the American Hosta Society was enjoying its highest level of memberships and the highest level of additional income from the annual AHS convention. As an experiment it was decided to offer a third Journal to the membership, which, at the time, was barely covered by the membership dues of nearly 3,500 members and the attendance of 500+ members at the national conventions, bringing in record auction revenues and vendor fees. As the economy has declined recently, so has membership in plant societies, and attendance at conferences. The membership dues for the last 3 - 4 years have not covered the costs of running the society and offering three mailed Journals to the membership.
   The AHS Board was left with a decision to either eliminate the third Journal all together or to put the third Journal, the convention issue, online at virtually no cost. With many prominent subscription magazines going online or going under, the Board decided to put the third issue of The Hosta Journal online on its website. While some may not be comfortable with computers, or may not even own a computer, the decision was labored over, and it was finally determined that every member could at least have access to The Online Hosta Journal at home, at a family member's home, or at their local public library. While a few of our members will not be happy with this decision, it was either this choice or no third Journal at all.
   Enjoy this first issue of The Online Hosta Journal, comments welcome!

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