This first issue of The Online Hosta Journal is already a marvelous production. It covers the AHS Convention in greater depth than was possible with the printed version. There are more photos to accompany the garden descriptions, the Hosta Show, and the other articles - and the photos are terrific. The non-convention articles are similar to those in prior convention issues and they are not limited by space constraints. I think our members will enjoy The Online Hosta Journal, and as the editors and  layout volunteers refine it, The Online Hosta Journal will only get better.

Bob Olson, Editor The Hosta Journal
Editors' Response: 
   Bob, The Hosta Journal run so ably by you and your staff set the mark very high for us. Our desire from the start was to do our best to give the membership a publication that didn't disappoint readers of our society's paper publications, and we hope they will forgive a few mistakes here and there. We are taking on our first publication with scarce experience among us, so we don't expect to match the professionalism exhibited by you and your staff in every issue of The Hosta Journal
   We do promise to work hard at refining and improving The Online Hosta Journal as we go, just as you and your staff work to improve The Hosta Journal with each issue. Like you, we wish to provide the membership with the best AHS experience we can.

If you have letters (or Emails) concerning the contents of this issue, send them to us and we'll add them here.

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