The Garden of Rhonda & Pat McNeilus
St. Dodge Center, Minnesota
   Drive through the entrance lined with commanding evergreens and suddenly “Endless Gardens” appears, the fantastic creation of Rhonda & Pat McNeilus with the help of designer Jeff Rosberg of Sargent’s Gardens.
   Purchased in 1982, the ten acre property then had an old farmhouse, a cornfield and a swampy pasture. A visit to Shady Oaks Nursery in Waseca sparked Rhonda’s ongoing love affair with hostas. Over the years, one garden after another was added and now there is the pink and white peony garden, the wall garden, the white garden, the bog, the koi pond garden, the stream garden, the china garden, the dry creek garden, the mound garden, the vegetable garden, the forest garden, the long garden, the miniature garden, the small pond garden and the orchard. No wonder the ‘summer garden kids’ christened it “Endless Gardens”.

Rhonda and Pat McNeilus

   Raised island beds display incredible beauty. Huge colorful koi follow visitors strolling along the pond, hoping for a tasty treat. A stone bridge leads garden visitors to yet another fascinating surprise. Interesting trees and shrubs dot the landscape. Even the vegetable garden is unique. Add in the lovely freshness of brightly colored annuals and without a doubt this is a wonderful display of endless gardens.

Garden Tour Photos


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