The Garden of Jean and Gerry Meyer
Pine Island, Minnesota
  The Meyers' hillside woodland garden is sprawled across the slopes of a basswood/maple/oak wooded acreage. Informal in style, paths and steps weave down and across the slopes. Benches and sitting areas are located throughout the garden. There are about 900 different hostas grown both in "collector beds" and in mass plantings. Beds featuring small and mini hostas are recent additions. Native wild flowers such as trilliums, jack-in-the-pulpits, solomon's seal, false solomon's seal, baneberry, cohosh, maidenhair and woodland ferns have been left where naturally occurring.
   Astilbes, cimifugas, ligularias and ferns are also used extensively. Asiatic and Martagon lilies and daylilies have been added to areas receiving a little more light. They are also experimenting with clematis in a number of locations.

Jean and Gerry Meyer

   Gargoyles and woodland creatures add some whimsy. Bird houses are used throughout bringing music to the garden. Toads are abundant and thrill the grandkids. Visitors are invited to relax and enjoy the hostas in their natural setting.

Garden Tour Photos


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