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Tom Micheletti, AHS President

   Welcome to the premier issue of our new Online Hosta Journal. I am excited about this new venture as it is a way to move the AHS into the future and become more sustainable. But more importantly it is also a way, in a declining economy to keep our finances in line with our income without reducing services to members. I have received many comments from members about this new venture. Most have been favorable and understand the necessity for the change. The few that have been negative view this as a reduction in service. On the contrary it is not a reduction in service, but merely a change in the method of delivery for this issue of the Journal. It will also offer more content as there are no restrictions to page counts and number of photographs that can be included.
    One comment I received was from a member that does not have a computer and understandably is upset with the change. Let me reassure every member that the decision to go digital was not made without consideration to those members that do not have computer access. We debated this with the entire board of directors at this summerís board meeting. It is hoped that if a member knows someone that does not have computer access they will invite them to view it on their computer. Also libraries have computers that members can use. Another idea is for a local society to have a meeting whereby members can view the online Journal or just offer a computer viewing as part of the meeting.
   I know these ideas are not the same as curling up in ones favorite chair with a cup of coffee or tea and reading our beautiful paper Journal, which is what I like to do, but I am willing to embrace the change in order to move the society has given me so much pleasure and friendships into the future. I hope you also will embrace this new venture.
   A lot of work has gone into this new undertaking by many volunteers. They have put in countless hours to produce this issue. I want to thank them for all they have done to produce this equally beautiful and informative issue of our Hosta Journal.
Tom Micheletti, AHS President
(847) 540-8051

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