Stars of the North Display

One of the most interesting educational displays ever at a national convention took up a whole room in Minnesota. It was by far the largest display as well, encompassing hundreds of photos and many pages of text all lined out on large poster boards. Each board featured a different Minnesota resident, past and present, who had introduced their own hostas. Some had only introduced one, while others had many. Overall it was a fantastic display that took many, many hours to assemble.

From the Convention Handbook:

   The theme for the 2010 AHS National Convention is Stars of the North. The name refers to several things. Minnesota is often referred to as the North Star state and we used to have a hockey team named the North Stars. But most importantly for us at this time is the fact that we have many hostaphiles in Minnesota who have hybridized hostas, ‘found’ sports (we call them sports fishermen, here in Minnesota), or in some other way been associated with the ‘creation’ of new hostas.
   We realize that the term hybridizer is most specifically reserved for those who carefully control the cross of pollen and pod parent, but also acknowledge that were it not for the sharp eye and careful observation of these other individuals, we would have lost those crosses and sports made by Mother Nature. So we ask for your indulgence during this convention as we choose to bend the definition a bit in order to honor and thank all of these individuals by referring to them collectively as our hybridizers.
   You will notice that the tee shirt and sweatshirt for this convention is rather unconventional in nature as we, for the first time, chose not to highlight the hosta leaf, but rather it's flower scape. This further acknowledges the hybridizer’s efforts and the important role of the flower in the ever-expanding choices we have.
   Because of their tremendous contribution to the world of hostas, we are calling them our ‘Stars of the North’. Please make time during the convention to visit the Stars of the North Display that features our ‘Stars’ and their plants. We will have a short biography on each person, along with lists of their plants, photographs, and a few samples of their efforts. The plants on display will be auctioned off at the live auction, and many of them will be originators stock.

Our "Stars" include:

Ken & Luke Anderson
Anne Arett
Lloyd Bachman
Al Breiwick
Monty & Julie Carlson
Scott Crabb
Sigrid Dalgaard
Don Dean
Mervin Eisel
Hideko Gowen
Denis Grande
Hans Hansen
Jim Hartmann
Arthur Johnson
Phyllis Kedl
Myrtle Kiehne
Tim Kornder
Kim Larsen
Lillian Maroushek
Marc Milbradt
Eldren & Nancy Minks
Donal O’Donnell
Bob Olson
Tom Olson
Dick Prochaska
Dick Rossing
Dennis Savory
Robert Savory
Dave Schulte
Shady Oaks Nursery
Naomi Simes
Ron Snyder
Cindy Tomashek