2010 National Hosta Show

Division I Award Winners
The National Leaf Show at the 2010 Convention was one of the most spectacular ever. Participants brought a veritable sea of hosta leaves and other entries, making it difficult for the judges to decide which leaves would carry the big ribbons. Thanks to all for a truly great Hosta Show!
At left: The President's Exhibitors Award
'One Man's Treasure' Exhibited by Bill Ward

The President's Exhibitors Award was established in 1978 and goes to the Best in Show hosta leaf. To qualify the cultivar must be registered.

Remaining Best of Section Winners
Section I Section II Section IV Section V Section IX Section XI
Note: The President's Exhibitors Award Leaf was entered in Section III.
There were no entries in Sections VI, VII, VIII, and X. 

Sweepstakes Winner for most Blue Ribbons --- Randy Goodwin

Other Division Winners

Note: There were no entries in Division IV and Division V is not judged.
In Layman's Terms
Trying to understand the Hosta Show from a spectator's point of view
Carol Brashear, Woodbury, Connecticut
   Every year local societies and regional societies put a great deal of time and effort into AHS sanctioned Hosta Shows, formerly known as Leaf Shows. Some time ago the traditional leaf show was incorporated into a larger Hosta Show that included other types of displays such as containers and troughs. 
   As a casual observer, understanding how the show is laid out and how the ribbons and awards are given by AHS show judges has been a bit of a mystery to me. Here I will attempt to break it down for more understanding. This might help to both enjoy the next Hosta Show you attend or may help you enter leaves or troughs or new seedlings or sports from your own garden.
   The Hosta Show is set up like a family tree. As the trunk you have the head of the family known in the show as the Division. The limbs or children of that head of household are the Sections. And the branches or grandchildren are the Classes. Finally the leaves or the great-grandchildren are Individual Cultivars.
   For my explanation I'll only describe Division I - the Cut Leaves. This division includes all registered cultivar cut leaf sections plus additional sections for unregistered cultivars and a special youth section.
   Next in the cut leaf part of the Hosta Show are Sections. Sections are sizes - the length by the width of leaves according to the registration for registered varieties. This puts big with big and mini with mini in the various sections of the division.
   The final classification of cut leaves is the Classes, the branches of the tree. The Classes are colors. This puts the solids with like solids, blue against blue, green vs. green and so on. Likewise with variegated leaves. White-edged are all in the same class, yellow-edged with yellow-edged, green-edged against green-edged and so on. Streaked and other patterns form still more classes. 
   Once all the cut leaves are classified into Sections (sizes) and then Classes (colors) they are finally separated into cultivars. If there are many entries of a given cultivar, they are judged first against the registered standard of that cultivar then against one another. The registered description is very important, and too much variation from that standard can eliminate a leaf from earning a ribbon. In any given cultivar there can only be one blue ribbon awarded, one red, one yellow and so on.

   Once all the blue ribbons are awarded in the various cultivars, those blue ribbon winners earning a point total of 95 points or more out of 100 possible points then compete first for Best of Class, or best of that color. The Class winners then are compared to decide Best of Section.
   At this point in the show judging, all of the 95 point and greater Blue Ribbon giant leaves contend for Best of the Giant Leaved Section I.  All of the high Blue Ribbon entries of the Large Leaved Section compete for the Best of Section II. Medium Leaves for Section III, Small Leaves for Section IV and Mini Leaves for Best of Section V.

   Of the Registered Cultivars in the Horticulture (cut leaf) portion of the Hosta Show, there are 5 sections. Only the Section winners of those 5 Sections are eligible for Best of Show. Once the Best of each of these Sections have been placed on the head table, the panels then join to choose one of these for Best of Show.
   From this classification of leaf entries, then the awarding of points to each leaf entered, the judges arrive at what the judging panels believe are the best representations of the best leaves entered in the 5 Sections of registered cultivars. It is from these perfect leaves out of the hundreds entered, that the judges determine the most perfect leaf entered in the show.

The Head Table

Result.... Best of Show entry.  This year in Minnesota that leaf was entered by Bill Ward of Carmel, IN and that leaf was 'One Man's Treasure'.