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The American Hosta Society (AHS) publishes The Hosta Journal, The AHS Membership Directory, The Display Gardens of the American Hosta Society list, a Members’ Newsletter and an annual list of Hosta Registrations, as an educational service to members. In addition the Society has published a booklet The Hosta Adventure to disseminate information about Hostas to a wider audience. There are also a number of other books, guidelines, check lists, and other items are also available to learn more about the genus Hosta. Many of these are listed in Other Hosta Publications.

The Hosta Journal

The Hosta Journal is the Society's premier publication. It is mailed free to members of the American Hosta Society twice a year with athird issue available online in the Members Only section of the AHS website. Contents include feature   articles on the cultivation and identification of hostas, the history of hosta hybridization and those   personalities who produce them, AHS National Convention News, photographs and descriptions of   the latest Hosta cultivars, and much more. Dedicated to the genus Hosta, it is a must for the hosta   lover. Some articles may be found on this web site from time to time. (See "Sample Article" pdf).

Advertising in The Hosta Journal

Businesses interested in advertising in The Hosta Journal can find further information here: Advertising in The Hosta Journal.

The Hosta Journal Publications for Sale

Partial Sets of Journals from 1982 to 2012 – Sets start with 47 and go down to 36, all different journals per set for $2.00 per journal plus $15.00 shipping in the US. Individual copies are still available at $5.00 per copy plus shipping. Please contact Barbara Schroeder to verify sets or individual copies are still available and your shipping charges.

Make checks payable to The American Hosta Society (AHS) (check drawn on a US bank or money order payable in US Funds) and mail to:

Barbara Schroeder
1819 Coventry Dr.
Champaign, IL 61822

The Hosta Journal DVD

The AHS has compiled a two DVD set of all the Printed Hosta Journals and Bulletins from 1969 through 2012.

Cost is $50.00 for continental US. For additional shipping costs to all other areas, please contact Barbara Schroeder.

Make checks payable to The American Hosta Society (AHS) (check drawn on a US bank or money order payable in US Funds) and mail to:

Barbara Schroeder
1819 Coventry Dr.
Champaign, IL 61822

The AHS Membership Directory

The Membership Directory is published every two years as a small percentage of the membership moves each year. The reports of the Business of the Society, the meetings of its Board of Directors and the reports of its various committees are now published, as they become available, on this website. A printed copy of this information is available to members upon request.

The Hosta Adventure

There’s a new Hosta Adventure waiting for you.

Back by popular demand, the American Hosta Society publication The Hosta Adventure is packed with valuable hosta advice. This second edition of "The Hosta Adventure: A Grower’s Guide" has been revised extensively and offers up-to-date information about the “Friendship Plant.” Included for the first time are tips on landscaping and growing miniatures. What’s more, the guide is illustrated with dozens of dazzling new pictures of classic and cutting-edge cultivars.

Chapters feature basic hosta information, landscaping with hosta, how on buy hostas, planting and growing hosta, propagation methods, common problems and new hostas. They were written by many of your friends in the hosta world: C.H. Falstad III, Tom Micheletti, Warren Pollock, George Schmid, Mike Shadrack, Bob Solberg and Larry Tucker, who edited the guide. The chapters are illustrated with pictures from an array of photographers. Janet Mills, who designs our The Hosta Journal, assembled it all.

First published in 2001, the Hosta Adventure was intended as a guide for novices, but it appealed to all levels of hosta gardeners. Over the past seven years, AHS has sold out its inventory of 25,000. Now a new Adventure beckons.

This publication should be part of every hosta grower’s library.

Order The Hosta Adventure—A Grower’s Guide

$4.00 + $2.50 postage for members
$5.50 + $2.50 postage for non-members

For local societies and nurseries, the best price per copy is in bulk:
6-99 books, $4.00 each
100-499 books, $2.50 each
500-999 books, $2.25 each
1000+ books, $2.00 each
+ $15 postage on bulk orders

(All prices postpaid in the U.S.)

Make checks payable to The American Hosta Society and send to:

Paula Lehtola
Hosta Adventure
P. O. Box 712
Bridgewater, MA 02324

Orders from foreign countries will pay any additional shipping charges.

The Silver Book
[no longer in print]

'The Genus Hosta - a list of registered cultivars' known colloquially as the The Silver Book is a list of hosta cultivars registered before 1992. Supplement #1 lists registrations between 1992 and 1998 and there have been annual supplements since then. The 'List of Species, Botanical Varieties and Forms and Specioids' contains information about hosta species, and the reclassification of hosta previously thought to be species. These booklets are a valuable reference for correct usage of hosta names and identification of hosta cultivars as they contain all the information provided by the hybridizer/introducer to register a hosta.

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