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ItemClosesNum BidsHigh Bid
Lachman Legacy OS DOUBLE Division [PIC]1/295$140.00
Satisfaction OS (2000 Wasitis) [PIC]1/293$55.00
Your Choice (Small Streaker) -- David Teager [PIC]1/292$55.00
Talking Point [PIC]1/292$25.00
Avocado Toast [PIC]1/294$43.00
Dreamboat Annie OS [PIC]1/293$48.00
Epiphany'(J. Anderson, NR) [PIC]1/295$90.00
Friendly Persuasion (Ward 13) OS DOUBLE Division [PIC]1/291$100.00
Bohemian Rhapsody OS [PIC]1/298$78.00
Silver Twist [PIC]1/294$31.00
And You and I [PIC]1/291$37.00
Spooky Scary Skeletons OS [PIC]1/294$124.00
Big Boss Man OS (2021 Wasitis) [PIC]1/292$66.00
Evil Woman OS [PIC]1/295$101.00
Cool Mouse [PIC]1/2912$57.00
Koza’s 3 Streakers [PIC]1/295$59.00
Sterling Medallion OS [PIC]1/297$80.00
Crystal Fountain OS [PIC]1/293$60.00
H. sieboldiana ‘Hakama Souvenir’ [PIC]1/295$35.00
Ava Ann [PIC]1/297$40.00
Dixie’s Memory [PIC]1/291$32.00
Dean Your Choice of One Double or Better OS [PIC]1/296$55.00
Rough Lemon [PIC]1/295$45.00
Yippee [PIC]1/294$24.00
First Blush PP#28,920 [PIC]1/295$41.00
White Christmas (1999 Ruh) (2011 ) [PIC]1/293$38.00
Miss American Pie OS [PIC]1/297$64.00
Quicksand [PIC]1/293$32.00
Crazy Hazy [PIC]1/2910$330.00
Country Heartthrob OS [PIC]1/294$130.00
Bluebird of Happiness [PIC]1/294$35.00
Uncle Albert OS [PIC]1/292$73.00
Heebie Jeebies OS (NR) [PIC]1/293$108.00
Golden Angel [PIC]1/296$63.00
Michigander [PIC]1/294$36.00
Garnet Spires OS [PIC]1/292$82.00
Pebble Creek Doggone Nice OS [PIC]1/293$120.00
Dragon’s Dream [PIC]1/293$36.00
Pirouette OS (NR) [PIC]1/292$110.00
Drama Queen OS (2011 Wasitis) [PIC]1/293$60.00
Chris' A lalalala long [PIC]1/295$44.00
Tapestry OS [PIC]1/295$120.00
Braveheart OS (NR) [PIC]1/293$61.00
Devil's Advocate (Walter's/Bergeron 2007) [PIC]1/294$47.00
Dean #2 Your Choice of One Double or Better OS [PIC]1/291$50.00
3 Streaked Seedlings – for One Bid! [PIC]1/293$120.00

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