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ItemClosesNum BidsHigh Bid
World Cup [PIC]1/272$20.00
Gitchigumi OS [PIC]1/276$200.00
Gravity Rocks [PIC]1/2711$45.00
Jolly Roger OS [PIC]1/271$100.00
Lachman Legacy [PIC]1/275$170.00
Louie Louie [PIC]1/271$15.00
Scituate Sunrise [PIC]1/2711$38.00
Because of Art OS [PIC]1/274$105.00
Bandito [PIC]1/270$75.00
Frisian Waving Steel [PIC]1/273$35.00
Tom Terrific [PIC]1/271$40.00
Lakeside Grumpy Green [PIC]1/271$60.00
Dean Your Choice of One Double or Better OS [PIC]1/278$64.00
Country Confessions OS [PIC]1/272$107.00
Tucker Valentine OS [PIC]1/270$40.00
Mini Special #1 ‘Fairy Dust’ plus ‘Twist Tie’ [PIC]1/271$45.00
Sensational Mood [PIC]1/271$100.00
Maurice Mason' OS [PIC]1/273$80.00
Aquamarine [PIC]1/2712$58.00
Green Christmas OS [PIC]1/270$50.00
Jet Black [PIC]1/272$25.00
Lemon Kiss [PIC]1/277$59.00
Embroidery [PIC]1/271$45.00
Pat Raeder [PIC]1/271$35.00
Apple Pucker OS [PIC]1/270$100.00
Frilly Frolic [PIC]1/274$96.00
Heather Hill [PIC]1/270$22.00

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