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ItemClosesNum BidsHigh Bid
Barracuda OS [PIC]2/44$90.00
Buttonwood Bay [PIC]2/46$85.00
Paradise Sunshine [PIC]2/45$36.00
Koza’s 3 Streakers [PIC]2/411$74.00
Crazy Hazy [PIC]2/415$150.00
Steffi (Serafin 2008) OS [PIC]2/41$75.00
Green Army Man OS [PIC]2/46$130.00
Uncle Albert OS [PIC]2/44$90.00
Windy City [PIC]2/42$32.00
She's a Dancer OS [PIC]2/43$133.00
Smith collection three plants one bid [PIC]2/41$75.00
H. kikutii ‘Ssakuya Hime' [PIC]2/43$26.00
Chris’ Pinky Present [PIC]2/42$25.00
Garnet Spires OS [PIC]2/45$105.00
Heebie Jeebies OS (NR) [PIC]2/44$90.00
Calm before the Storm [PIC]2/44$75.00
Second Smith collection three plants one bid [PIC]2/41$75.00
Chicago Blues [PIC]2/44$39.00
<p><b><font size="5"> Beautiful Hope <br> &nbsp;&n [PIC]2/44$44.00
Danica Poul [PIC]2/43$175.00
Dean Your Choice of One - Double or Better OS [PIC]2/43$48.00
Purple Rain OS (2008 Wasitis) [PIC]2/44$65.00
Evil Woman (OS) [PIC]2/45$125.00
Old Yeller [PIC]2/412$58.00
Pebble Creek Shamayim Mayim OS [PIC]2/42$107.00
Cathy's Clown (OS) [PIC]2/44$115.00
Top Shelf [PIC]2/42$55.00
Pebble Creek Yoyogi Sakura OS (NR) [PIC]2/41$100.00
White Christmas' (Mobjack Form) [PIC]2/411$150.00
Sterling Medallion OS [PIC]2/41$60.00
Penny Lane OS (2021 Wasitis). [PIC]2/44$65.00
Wasitis 3 Streaked Seedlings – for One Bid! [PIC]2/41$100.00
See no Evil [PIC]2/42$32.00
All That Jazz OS [PIC]2/47$100.00
Quiet Life [PIC]2/410$125.00
Glen Tiara OS + three more Tiaras [PIC]2/43$50.00
Miss American Pie OS [PIC]2/45$60.00
Long Tall Sally OS (2013 Wasitis) [PIC]2/47$160.00
Alana’s Laugh [PIC]2/43$35.00
Lachman Legacy OS DOUBLE Division [PIC]2/44$115.00
Foxfire Off Limits [PIC]2/47$100.00
Ruby Earrings [PIC]2/42$64.00
Dean #2 Your Choice of One Double or Better OS [PIC]2/44$65.00
One-trip Salad Bar [PIC]2/44$35.00
Angel of Beauty OS [PIC]2/42$105.00
Tail Feathers [PIC]2/41$100.00
Big Boss Man' OS (2021) [PIC]2/42$85.00
Light the Match [PIC]2/42$47.00
Black Hills streaked OS [PIC]2/40$100.00
Bohemian Rhapsody OS [PIC]2/41$40.00
Liam’s Smile [PIC]2/44$56.00
READ Non-bid Important News - changes are posted [PIC]2/60$0.00

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