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ItemClosesNum BidsHigh Bid
Spartan Glory [PIC]1/263$26.00
Whitesí Start Up Seedling Hybridizing Kit [PIC]1/2623$162.00
Country Sun Drop [PIC]1/263$28.00
Abiqua Drinking Gourd [PIC]1/263$31.00
Lachman Legacy OS DOUBLE Division [PIC]1/265$120.00
Bohemian Rhapsody OS [PIC]1/267$61.00
Biscuits-n-Honey [PIC]1/261$30.00
Bear Necessities [PIC]1/261$15.00
Letís Twist Again [PIC]1/265$26.00
Big Hobber OS [PIC]1/268$175.00
Garnet Spires OS [PIC]1/266$110.00
Regalia OS [PIC]1/2612$57.00
Miss American Pie OS [PIC]1/265$63.00
Liberty [PIC]1/263$36.00
Pizzazz [PIC]1/261$20.00
Dancing Darling [PIC]1/266$35.00
Because of Art OS [PIC]1/262$55.00
Twice as Nice [PIC]1/262$55.00
After Midnight OS double division [PIC]1/263$180.00
Fruit Loop [PIC]1/263$26.00
Tom Terrific [PIC]1/265$40.00
Blue Elf PPAF [PIC]1/262$19.00
Evil Woman OS [PIC]1/262$71.00
Road Rage [PIC]1/262$28.00
Love of My Life [PIC]1/261$28.00
Frilly Frolic OS [PIC]1/265$140.00
Rowan My Boat [PIC]1/260$38.00
Dean #2 Your Choice of One Double or Better OS [PIC]1/261$30.00
Sunny Day [PIC]1/261$38.00
Golden Falls [PIC]1/261$45.00
Holar Purple Flash [PIC]1/263$43.00
Guardian Angel [PIC]1/262$31.00
Otter Point [PIC]1/263$53.00
Danish Mouse [PIC]1/262$22.00
Blueberry Muffin [PIC]1/261$30.00
Proud Mary [PIC]1/262$49.00
Lemon Snap [PIC]1/263$55.00
Dean Your Choice of One Double or Better [PIC]1/269$59.00
Good Golly Miss Molly [PIC]1/262$105.00

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