2021 Big Bid Items

These were the items that brought the highest bids ($175+) at the
2021 AHS On-Line Auction.

2021 AHS Online Auction Results & Summary


H. 'Shimmy Shake' (A. Scheer) and H. 'Azure Waves' (T. Micheletti - 2011) H. 'Shimmy Shake' and H. 'Azure Waves'

This 2 for 1 combo should make you “shake” with excitement. The bold colors of 'Shimmy Shake' and 'Azure Waves' make such an amazing color combination in my garden that I decided I want someone else to have this same joy. In the Spring I will divide these mature plants to share with the winner. The more generous the donation, the more generous the number of eyes from these two plants.

'Shimmy Shake', another amazing plant by Alttara Scheer, un-regsitered. This plant just keeps getting better each year in my garden. The leaves have been bigger each year, those wavy edges, that twisty tip, the way they stand upright toward the sky even as the plant creates a wider and wider mound – it truly is on you won’t forget the name of in your garden.

'Azure Waves', registered by Tom Micheletti in 2011. I don’t believe you will find this one for sale. That Azure blue is a stand out, throw in those wavy edges and this becomes a truly beautiful hosta. Donated by Rob James of Holy Hosta Farm.

H. 'Evil Woman' OS (C. Wasitis - 2013) H. 'Evil Woman'

Chick Wasitis, Maryland, is back! Retired from years as owner of Bridgewood Gardens, home of his hosta introductions that typically have a 70’s song reference in the name. His plants will get you humming for the plant as you enjoy it and each time you think of its name. Belt out the lyrics, “Ha Ha woman it's a crying shame but you ain't got nobody else to blame … evil woman, …” H. 'Evil Woman', C .Wasitis, 2013. A medium size mound of dark green leaves with creamy yellow margins. Leaves are nicely puckered and turn downward towards the tip. Named after and dedicated to my wife. This is an OS plant, grown on in a one gallon pot to be shipped bareroot at appropriate time in the spring. You will NOT easily find this one available nor is it predictable when it will be available again!

H. 'Bottom Feeder' (V. Serafin) H. 'Bottom Feeder'

Some would say size matters. In the hosta world, that holds true. H. ‘Bottom Feeder’, shown here and also the Hosta Library, is just such a plant. VERY large leaves measuring 16+” long of heavy substance catch one’s eye. It is growing alongside the well-touted ‘Empress Wu’; ‘Bottom Feeder’ is simply larger. Strongly corrugated leaves unfurl blue-green, turning green as the season progresses. ‘Bottom Feeder’ yields lots of seed, but pollen fertility has not been tested.
      Viktoria has had several inquiries regarding the availability of this treasure. The successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. Thus ... You have the opportunity to be the first to receive a piece. The successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. A single division of this monster will be shipped to the high bidder by Viktoria Serafin of Glenbrook Farm, Fultonville, New York.

H. 'Cathy's Clown' OS (C. Wasitis - 2011) H. 'Cathy's Clown' OS

We love seeing yet one more donor return to this auction for another time to give back to the group, a provider as well as a consumer; we do indeed! Chick Wasitis, Maryland, is back. Chick had been a long-time donor to another entity and joins us here this year. Retired from years as owner of Bridgewood Gardens, home of his hosta introductions that typically have a 70’s song reference in the name. His plants will get you humming for the plant as you enjoy it and each time you think of its name. 'Cathy's Clown', C. Wasitis, 2011. A large, upright plant. Leaves are heart-shaped, green with a creamy-yellow to white margin that often streaks toward the center. This variety has been shared with a few friends but is not available for sale. The successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. You simply will not be finding this one available nor is it predictable when it will be available again! This plant has grown on in a one-gallon pot to be shipped bareroot at appropriate time in the spring.

H. 'Sterling Medallion' OS (D. Dean - 2012) H. 'Sterling Medallion'

H. ‘Sterling Medallion’ simply glows in the morning and evening light, a blue that rivals the best of the best. I am biased toward good blues, but this is a strong contender for one of the best in the small clump category. More detail may be found in the registrations located upon the AHS web site. A double or better division of field grown, mature plant will be sent in the spring from Don Dean.

Whites’ Start Up Seedling Hybridizing Kit Whites’ Start Up Seedling Hybridizing Kit

Jeff and Marie White of Giboshi Acres are again contributing a fabulous hybridizer's start-up collection to this year's auction. The first part of the collection is six streaked seedlings sown this winter from a variety of open-pollenated seeds. These colorful hostas are stretching their roots in the grow room right now. The photo shows the seedlings that were sent to last year's winning bidder, and we can assure you that this year's crop will be just as exciting.

Everyone loves hostas for their showy leaves, but sometimes the flowers take center stage. Such is the case for the second half of the hybridizer's start-up collection. Six seedlings from this winter's crop were sown from A12 Red Flower HostaWorks seed. Jeff and Marie grew some of these seeds last winter and the posies pictured are from four seedlings that flowered. Odds are that when these six hybrids blossom, their flowers will be just as unique.

You know the competition for this amazing dozen will be fierce, so get your bid on! In the spring, Jeff and Marie White will ship 6 streaked seedlings AND 6 red-flowered seedlings to the winning bidder.

Koza's Streaker Package H. 'Koza's Streaker Package'

Every hybridizer seeking variegation in their seedlings drools over new breeding stock and its potential to yield the next exciting find! Carole Koza offers a selection of THREE of her 9-month-old seedlings sown in November of 2020. Come summer of 2021 the winner will received a photo array of streaked seedlings to select from after she has determined the good growers among her new crop. That’s right, your selection from her good seedlings. The winner will receive the plants at planting time, late August to early September 2021 as per arrangement with her, leaving plenty of time for settling in and being ready to take off in 2022 (maybe even bloom for the winner’s use in breeding?).

The seedlings will come for three of Carole’s own breeding stock: UPS (unknown upright streaker) – shown above, second is 'Powder Brute' (powder keg x brutus), and third is Project Blue Book (Area 51 x OP).

H. 'Lachman Legacy' OS (W. & E. Lachman - 2014) H. 'Lachman Legacy'


H. ‘Lachman Legacy’ is a William and Eleanor Lachman seedling, perhaps the last plant directly from their extensive breeding program.

Bill Lachman was professor of plant and soil sciences at University of Massachusetts in Amherst (1936-1976). His field of study involved corn and tomato genetics. Eleanor was a horticulture degree student at UMass and worked in the lab. There she caught Bill’s eye; they married. Both have passed away: Bill in 1998 at 88, Eleanor in 2004 at 89.

Bill and Eleanor began hybridizing daylilies as a hobby. Their interest in hostas started after a visit to their garden in the 1970s by Kevin Vaughn, who was crossing hosta cultivars and studying hosta genetics. They lived only 15 miles from where Kevin’s folks lived.

The Lachmans began breeding hostas in 1978 and continued for nearly 20 years. Their first registration was in 1986. There are 68 W. & E. Lachman hybrids and sports in the AHS Registry.

H. ‘Lachman Legacy’ traces to the 2009 AHS National Convention in Lansing, Michigan. There, the 2009 Eunice Fisher Hybridizer Award was presented to William and Eleanor Lachman posthumously. Their daughter, Elizabeth, flew in from Berlin, Germany, where she was living, to accept the award for her parents and give the acceptance speech.

Doug Beilstein, then AHS VP Honors and Awards and future AHS President (2011-2013), brought a special rare Lachman breeding hosta that he had in his garden in Ohio to the convention’s auction to coincide with the Fisher award. It was labeled “Lachman Guest Seedling.” The buyer had naming rights.

Steve Greene, compiler of the popular Hosta Finder (now no longer published after 22 editions) and prodigious advocate and supporter of New England hosta hybridizers and their introductions, purchased it. “I wanted to bring a Lachman plant unknown in the trade back to New England,” he explained. The plant sold for $2,400 after a fierce bidding war.

Steve worked with Elizabeth Lachman to have the hosta registered. She chose the cultivar name ‘Lachman Legacy’. Steve collected the needed technical information, growing the hosta in his garden for 5 years. In 2014 Elizabeth registered the hosta citing W. & E. Lachman as originators and introducers.

Steve says ‘Lachman Legacy’ makes a very nice presentation in the garden. The margin increases in width as the clump matures. Mark Zilis in an article in THJ remarked that many of the Lachmans’ introductions have a special appearance that bear the “Lachman brand.” H. ‘Lachman Legacy’ appears to have this distinction.

H. 'Tail Feathers' (C. Wasitis) H. 'Tail Feathers'

Here's a twist and shout-out to all you hosta sports fanatics. Find your piggy bank and shake it, shake it, shake it because H. 'Tail Feathers' is another of Chick's offerings up for auction. This unregistered hybrid is a sport of 'Sum and Substance' with lighter feathering in the center. The variegation is variable but has been visible on all leaves to some degree for several years. Chick hasn't grown it to full size yet, but he assumes that in all respects except for the markings, it's identical to S&S. One single-eye division is offered, so shake your tail-feathers and start bidding. It has not been registered yet, but Chick has named it 'Tail Feathers'. This offer is for a single-eye division.

Dean #3 Your Choice of One Very Recent Intros OS Dean #3 Your Choice of One Very Recent Intros OS

Well, bidders seem to like the “Your Choice” option. Here is another. You win the bid and you choose (bidders have show that they like this idea so here is another!) which one of the following three to have sent in the spring when the plants emerge in Minnesota. Mature, field grown DOUBLE or better. Select from...

‘Deep Waters’ a very upright, vase shaped clump of good blue and leaf texture that seems carved or sculpted, setting up a widely varied number of patterns on different leaves.


H. ‘Crinkled Leather’ which is upright, densely compact in clump form with intensely corrugated (rugose) slightly blue-green foliage that becomes green. Performs northern sun very well. Registered so size details, etc. are available in the registry.


H. ‘Sapphire Pillows’, new for 2018. One of those special blues that, like others, really glows in early and late daylight. Yes, this one has HOLDING power of its rich color. This one has been a long time coming as it was being used as a breeder on and off for years. An upright, vase shaped mound can be expected and countess little “bumps’ (pillows) cover these domed, curled, and/or cupped leaves.

H. 'Pebble Creek Moon Journey' OS (J. Kovalcsik - 2019) H. 'Pebble Creek Moon Journey'

Jojo's H.'Pebble Creek Moon Journey' (Red Dragon x Mikawa-no-yuki) came out of the grow room and into her garden in the same year that the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus had a conjunction. She was driving home from a hosta meeting and could clearly see the three orbs clustered low on the horizon. The moon, like a big bright smile, followed her all the way. It came to her that she had been on a moon journey, and the name seemed perfect for this elegant hybrid. When H. 'Pebble Creek Moon Journey' eventually bloomed, she was delighted to see that the flowers were just as scintillating as those evening planets. Purple-speckled flowers with leopard spotted tepal backs and raspberry-colored bracts rise on 29-inch plum-colored scapes in late August. Below that ethereal canopy, long white-backed green leaves of good substance show off gently rippled edges and deeply impressed veins. The vase-shaped petioles, heavily speckled with plum-red, are easy to see beneath the shiny foliage. Measuring 21 inches tall it is one of the larger red hostas. This cultivar is being introduced specifically so that hybridizers can take its dreamy flowers to the next level; however, every part of this plant is admirable. The late-season bloom does make fertilization more of a challenge, but in 2014 Jojo did raise progeny from it. In TC now, this is Pebble Creek Journey's OS debut. The successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. In the spring, Jojo will send one division of H. 'Pebble Creek Moon Journey' to the winning bidder. Be moonstruck... it's calling for you.

H. 'Goldbrook Glimmer' OS (S. Bond - 2009) H. 'Goldbrook Glimmer'

Clyde Crockett brings us H. 'Goldbrook Glimmer'-- a sport of that beautiful blue classic H. 'Halcyon'. This offering is extra special because it was given to Clyde by the discoverer-- Sandra Bond. Glaucous leaves reveal cloudy chartreuse centers floating between heavenly blue margins. In late July, lavender flowers sway over the 16 x 45-inch mound of glimmering foliage.

H. 'Tapestry' (C. Wasitis) H. 'Tapestry'

One of Chick's favorite streaked seedlings is being offered at auction for the second time (originally released as Glory Days Streaked). ‘Tapestry' is from an unnamed streaked seedling crossed with 'Dragon Lady'. This is only the second division to leave home. An upright grower with good substance, the leaves are about 12 inches long by 7 inches wide, but the plant is still young. Ultimate clump size is not known, but it should be fairly large. Margins are green and the center is a streaky creamy white, with lighter green streaks between margin and center. In summer the center turns pure white. The stable, centered form will be named 'Tapestry' and hopefully will be registered this year. A single eye division will be shipped in spring. The plant shipped may be fully centered or may still have some streaking, depending on what comes up in the spring. Streaked forms are fertile and produce streaked seedlings. Donated by Chick Wasitis. Streaked forms are fertile and produce streaked seedlings. If the buyer has a preference, Chick will discuss availability. This is for a streaked single eye division.

H. 'Soul Shine' OS (D. Dean - 2018) H. 'Soul Shine'

H. ‘Soul Shine’ gets me humming a favorite song each time I see the plant. This very upright clumping plant displays yellow foliage that cascades downward upon a clump’s maturity. The foliage is puckered and wavy. Displays well in the shade but, as expected, brightens beautifully in ½ - ¾ day full sun in the north. Easily fits within the large clump range. More detail may be found in the registrations located upon the AHS web site. A double or better division of field grown, mature plant will be sent in the spring from Don Dean.

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