AHS National Convention
Indianapolis, IN
‘Back Home Again in Indiana’

If you need a reminder, here are a few highlights to trigger your memories...


Carolyn Harstad Garden woodland walk thru native wildflowers & red raspberries
Daniels Garden 18’ stand of H. ‘Elegans’, a Georgian home and lily pond    
Susie & Randy Goodwin drifts of hosta in mounded beds made a sunken garden
Ann & Alan January small garden intensely planted, white pots & pottery baskets
Marge & Clarence Soules a hosta/daylily nursery of landscaped beds and shopping!
Carol & Clyde Crockett    secret woodland rooms open to a formal stone terrace
Ruth & Richard Dooley    Trees surrounded by garden beds, a splinted leaf sign

A convention held right downtown. Randy Goodwin’s garden devastated by a hailstorm 5 weeks before the show. The Indy 500 dance performed by Jim Cooper when the bidding for H. Dorothy Benedict’ went over $600.  Porpoise cookies at the Zoo!


Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award
Eldren Minks
Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta Award
H. Platinum Tiara’

‘Big Bucks’ Auction Award
Russell O’Hara

Honorary Life Membership
Lucille Simpers          Salem, Indiana
Awarded for her development of many outstanding hosta cultivars
and her work in founding The American Hosta Society


Presidents Exhibitor Trophy      
H. ‘Big Daddy’                                   Richard Ward
Midwest Regional Blue Award
H. ‘Big Daddy’                                   Richard Ward
Midwest Regional Gold Award
H. ‘Zounds’                                        Richard Ward
Benedict Award (best variegated)
H. Yellow River’Van Wade
Schutt Silver Cup (best artistic design)
“Soldiers and Sailors Monument”               Helen Link
Best Container Grown Hosta                             
H. Hadspen Blue’                                          Janet Skidmore

(Best registered large leaf cultivar-awarded to the hybridizer/introducer)
H. ‘Frosted Jade’                                          Maroushek
Nancy Minks Award
(Best registered small/medium cultivar-awarded to the hybridizer/introducer)
H. ‘Spilt Milk’                                                 Seaver
Savory Shield Award
(Best new seedling/sport-awarded to the hybridizer/introducer)
H. ‘Jelly Bean’                                               Harstad
Harshbarger Landscape Design Award
(Best landscape use of hostas)
Randall Goodwin Garden
AlaHoSo Award
(Best registered variegated hosta grown in a clump)
H. ‘Frosted Jade’                                          Clyde Crocket Garden
Lucille Simpers Award
(est. this year for best registered large/giant blue leaved hosta)
H. nigrescens                                                Soules Garden

(Please e-mail us if you remember more of these gardens, have fun information or have photos to share)


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