Indianapolis, IN
Hoosier Homecoming

If you need a reminder, here are a few highlights to trigger your memories...........


Jim and Darla May Garden  Stone edged gravel paths and the Japanese Garden.
Karla and Norma Jean Bosworth  iron kettles, flowering mailbox & the black iron gate
Don and Carolyn Bryson   10 acre hillside with 30 stone steps and mass plantings
Dorothy Miller Garden  series of pools descending a hillside & the musical garden
Brenda and Ollie Scaggs   A collectors’ Paradise, collection of Japanese hosta & fountain
Dick and Rosalie Fitzwater   picnic table of potted orchids and 5 serious compost bins
Cynthia Miller’s Garden   limestone lined stream, rustic bridge and Turkish Hazel trees
Sally and Bob Murphy 6’ tall weathervane with a hosta leaf and the Zen stone garden
Ron and Linda Williams       English ‘folly, floral peacock, oriental garden & 4 ponds and bog
Bill and Wanda Dove   Huge trees, gently sloping garden to a ravine and a creek
Wade and Ann Harrison A garden of many rooms, a rose garden in full bloom & statuary


Alex J. Summers Award
Clyde Crockett          H. nigrescens
Outstanding Auction Contributor Award
(formerly the “Big Bucks” award);
Herb Benedict


Eunice Fisher Award
H. ‘Satin Beauty’                  Garden of Emily and Gilbert Daniels
Nancy Minks Award         
H. ‘Striptease’                     Garden of James and Darla May
Savory Shield Award       
H. ‘V3’                                    Garden of Gayle and Thelma Kamp
AlaHoSo Award
H. ‘Great Expectations’       Garden of Bob and Sally Murphy
Lucille Simpers Award                 
H. ‘Blue Angel’                     Garden of Bob and Sally Murphy
Tony Welsbacher Award            
H. ‘Centerfold’                      Garden of Gayle and Thelma Kemp

NATIONAL CUT-LEAF SHOW AWARDS – selected by panels of judges

President’s Exhibitors Award
Best of Show
H’ ‘Sagae’                             Walter Hoover
Runner up to Best in Show
H. ‘QOH9702’                       Mildred Seaver
Sweepstakes Award (winner of the most blue ribbons)
Randall Goodwin
Best of Show- Design
“The Speedway”                   Mary C. Reynolds
Best Educational Display
“From Generation to Generation”  Charlie Seaver
Best Container Grown Hosta
H. ‘Lakeside Doodad’
Best Floor Display Garden
Ron Williams & Roger Miller
Best Trough Garden/ Container
Mary Chastain

NATIONAL CUT-LEAF SHOW AWARDS – selected by the convention attendees

President’s Exhibitors Award (overall registered champion hosta)
H. ‘Sagae’             Walter Hoover
Midwest Blue Award
H. ‘Great Plains’                   Olga Petryszyn
The Midwest Gold Award
H. ‘Centerfold’                      Gayle Kemp
Benedict Award                  (best registered variegated)
H. ‘Irish Ribbons’                 Van Wade
David Van Fleet Award  (best registered green)
H. ‘Leather Sheen’              Mary Ann Leigh
Pauline Banyai Award      (best seedling or sport non-registered)
H.’QOH9702’                                    Mildred Seaver
Schutt  Artistic Award
“Speedway”               Mary Reynolds

(Please e-mail us if you remember more of these gardens, have fun
information or have photos to share)

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