Peoria, Illinois
“Prairieland Memories ”

If you need a reminder, here are a few highlights to trigger your memories!

AHS National Awards and Honors

Alex J Summers Distinguished Merit Award
Nancy Minks H.'Alvatine Taylor
Outstanding National Auction Contributor
Herb Benedict

AHS National Tour Garden Awards

Eunice Fister Award
H.'Northern Halo' Debbie Dietrich
Nancy Minks Award
H."Permanent Wave' Kaye Dye
Savory Shield Award
H.'Gold Standard" Sport Lee
AlaHoSo Award
H.'Praying Hands' Clarence and Cindy Nance
Lucille Simpers Award
H.'Blue Angle' Lee and Mary Jo Hammond
Tony Welsbacher Award
H.'Solar Flare' Kay and Dick Harrison

Tour Gardens
Hornbaker Gardens
40 acres of hostas, daylilies and Irises and a 50' chair
Beth and Steve Arnold
'Helen's Raspberry Slush' and the Moon Garden
Connor Garden
A hayride, waterfall, lake and 'hosta hill'
Debbie Dietrich
A hosta growing 30' above you nestled in an Oak
Kay Dye
Borders of 'Allen P. McConnell', 'Antioch' and 'Little Jin'
Vic and Tracy Heuerman
The huge Chelsea style waterfall and 45- types of hosta.
Illinois College Arborateum
The carved hosta bench and the mature 'Little Aurora'
Janis and Davis Lee
Rows and rows of hostas and metal sculpture bugs.
Cindy and Clarence Nance
The HUGE 'My Child Insook' and 'Praying Hands'!
Audra & Fred Wilson’s Garden
more than 1500 cultivars in one garden. HOSTA ENVY!

Do you remember the huge storm that destroyed the
Dietrich garden the Monday after the convention?

NATIONAL CUT-LEAF SHOW AWARDS - selected by panels of judges

President’s Exhibitors Award and Best of Show
H.‘Yellow River’ Hans Hansen
Runner up to Best in Show
H.‘Marie Marie Anne’ Bill Walter
Sweepstakes Award (winner of the most blue ribbons)
Mary Chastain
Runner up to Sweepstakes
Mary Ann Leigh
Best Seedling/Sport
H.‘RM1” Mary Chastain
Runner up to Best Seedling or Sport
H.‘1000’ Jeff Kerr

Best of Show- Design
“Riverboat” Betty Beer
Runner up to Best of Show – Design
“Wildlife Prairie Park” Ella Maxwell

Best Container Grown Hosta
H.‘NCC3’ Clarence and Cindy Nance
Best Floor Display Plant
H.‘Great Expectations’ Walt Hoover
Best Trough Container
Joan Day

NATIONAL CUT-LEAF SHOW AWARDS - selected by the convention attendees

President’s Exhibitors Award (overall champion hosta)
H.‘Yellow River’ (Ruh/Smith-93) Hans Hanson
The AHS Best Blue Leaf Award
H.’Blue Umbrellas’ (Aden -78) Peggy Brewer
The AHS Best Gold Leaf Award
H.‘Solar Flare’ (Gardenview Hort. Park-81) Ron Simmering
Benedict Award (best registered variegated)
H.‘Yellow River’ (Ruh/Smith-93) Hans Hansen
David Van Fleet Award (best registered green)
H.‘Regal Rhubarb’ (Sellers-83) Heidi Carvin
Pauline Banyai Award (best seedling or sport non-registered)
H.‘LCM’ Mary Chastain

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