Cleveland, OH
‘Hosta Heartland’

hosted by the North Coast Hosta Society

If you need a reminder, here are a few highlights to trigger your memories!

Tour Gardens
The Klein Garden                       
a huge fire pit, hostas & ferns growing in a log, Celtic story sticks
Kuk’s Forest Nursery
a canyon, giant boulders and a waterfall in a wooded garden
Hidden Oasis Gardens     
40 acre garden, giant millstones, lake with a fountain & stone
Dave and Sue Mills Garden
faces carved into trees, bridges taking you thru a deep woodland  
Walkerly Garden
a bed of mini hostas, mini castle, sculptures and dry stone wall
Peter Ruh’s Homestead Division
Peter on his golf cart Jean helping sell the hostas
Angelica Gardens 
 ½ acres full of hostas, dwarf & rare conifers, 32x90 shade house
Gray Horse Farm
Huge manicured lawn leading to a lake surrounded by gardens

AHS National Awards and Honors

       Alex J Summers Distinguished Merit Award               Kevin Walek
       Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta               H. ‘Guardian Angel

       Outstanding National Auction Contributor                  Doug and Mardy Beilstein
       Outstanding Nat’l Online Auction Contributor             Don Dean

NATIONAL TOUR GARDEN AWARDS – selected by convention attendees

Eunice Fisher Award
H. montana macrophylla                Garden of Sue and Dave Mills
AHS Best Blue Hosta in a Garden Award       
H. ‘Blue Angel’                                 Garden of Sue and Dave Mills
AHS Best Seedling/Sport in a Garden Award
H. ‘Cyclops’                                       Soucek Garden
AHS Best Variegated Hosta in a Garden Award
H. montana ‘Aureomarginata        Pat & George Rader Garden         
AHS Best Gold in a Garden Award       
H. ‘Kasseler Gold’                            Jean and Pete Ruh Garden 

NATIONAL HOSTA SHOW AWARDS – selected by panels of judges

Best of Show
H. ‘Surprised by Joy’                       Nick Carter
Sweepstakes Award (winner of the most blue ribbons)
Doug Beilstein
Best Seedling/Sport
Seedling 20                                      Doug Beilstein
Best of Show- Design
“Ohio’s Natural Artistry”                  Debbie Hurlbert
Best Container Grown Hosta
H. ‘Allegan Fog”                   Jane Adkins
Trough/Container Garden arranged for Effect
Sarah DaPra

NATIONAL HOSTA SHOW AWARDS – selected by the convention attendees

President’s Exhibitors Award (overall champion hosta)
H. ‘Surprised by Joy’                       Nick Carter
AHS Best Blue Leaf Award     (3 way tie)
H. ‘Steve Moldovan’                        Rachel Soucek
H. ‘Party Favor’                     Meg and Jim Dalton
H. ‘Love Nest’                       Dick and Jane Ward
AHS Best Gold Leaf Award
H. ‘Sea Gulf Stream’           Kent Terpening
AHS Best Green Leaf Award
H. kikutii f. leuconata           Meg and Jim Dalton
AHS Best Seedling/Sport Award
Seedling 14                          Doug Beilstein
AHS Kevin Vaughn Youth Achievement Award
H. ‘Lakeside Baby Face’     Constance Fiedler
AHS Artistic Design Award
“Ohio’s Natural Artistry”      Debbie Hurlbert

This year’s winners were recognized for their contributions to
the process of registering new cultivars

Pat Mora
Warren I. Pollock
W. George Schmid
Jim Wilkins
Mark Zillis

(Please e-mail us if you remember more of these gardens, have fun
information or have photos to share)

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