Philadelphia, PA
‘Hostas by Design’

hosted by the Delaware Valley Hosta Society

If you need a reminder, here are a few highlights to trigger your memories!

Tour Gardens

Connie & Jim Parson’s Garden                     
colorful fence posts, gazebo, magenta planters & yellow rockers
17th Century house, 35 acres of gardens, pools and statuary
Krombolz’ Fox Hollow                  
flowers made of machine gears snuggled into a collector’s garden
Cullerton’s Oxford Gardens      
600 hosta varieties, sun & shade gardens divided by a creek
Russel Gardens Wholesale       
Start sign, pig roast and 15x225’ mature hosta display bed
Drummond’s Tallwood             
Heritage walk, Attitude Adjustment Garden & Three Sister Bed
Guymon’s Wyn Eden                  
Giant stone snail, 10,000+ clumps of hosta in ribbon waves to a pond
Thyrum’s Frog Hollow             
 2 ½ acre garden full of art, metal ostriches around a viewing ball
Tiffany’s Mill Fleurs                  
a rock cliff with a real gristmill, rock walls along a river

AHS National Awards and Honors

Alex J Summers Distinguished Merit Award                      C.H. Falstad, III              
Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta                      H. plantaginea ‘Venus’

Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award              Mildred Seaver
Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hosta Merit Award                  H. ‘Sea Fire’

Outstanding National Auction Contributor                         Mildred Seaver        
Outstanding Nat’l Online Auction Contributor                    Don Dean         

NATIONAL TOUR GARDEN AWARDS – selected by convention attendees

AHS Best Grown Hosta Clump
H. ‘Sagae’       Walter and Emile Cullerton Garden
AHS Best Grown Hosta Clumps           
Michael and Elizabeth Drummond Garden
AHS Best Seedling/Sport
sport of H. ‘Tiffany Godzilla’           Jim and Connie Parsons Garden
AHS Best Use of Hosta in a Landscape
Robert and Barbara Tiffany Garden        
AHS Best Use of non-plant Material
Eve and Per Thyrum Garden
Best Use of Companion Plants
Inta and Skip Krombolz 

NATIONAL HOSTA SHOW AWARDS – selected by panels of judges

Best of Show
H. ‘Fire Island’                      Meg Dalton
Sweepstakes Award (winner of the most blue ribbons)
Hans Hansen
Best Seedling/Sport
Unnamed                                          Hans Hansen
Best of Show- Design
 “Liberty Bell Ball”                 Catherine Healy
Best Container Grown Hosta
H. ‘June’                    Janet Skidmore
Trough/Container Garden arranged for Effect
Eva Jones

NATIONAL HOSTA SHOW AWARDS – selected by the convention attendees

President’s Exhibitors Award (overall champion hosta)
H. ‘Fire Island’                      Meg Dalton
AHS Best Seedling/Sport Award
Seedling with Red Veins   Hans Hansen
AHS Kevin Vaughn Youth Award
H. ‘Cody’                    Cody Huber
AHS Best Container Grown Hosta
H. “June”                   Janet Skidmore
AHS Artistic Design Award
“Liberty Bell Ball”      Catherine Healy
AHS Best Educational Display
Tri State Hosta Society

Awarded  for service to the AHS

Hosta Journal Cartoonist
Glen Williams
Convention Auction
Desyl Peterson
On-Line Auction
Don Dean
Web Liaison
Betty Davis

(Please e-mail us if you remember more of these gardens, have fun
information or have photos to share)

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