2007 AHS
Convention Awards

2007 Hosta Convention

'The Greatest Spectacle in Hosta'


H.Silver Streak

DIVISION I – Horticulture

Best of Show
President’s Exhibitor Trophy

H.‘Silver Streak’      Doug Megginson

AHS Best Seedling or Sport
(formerly the Pauline Banyai Award)
Seedling    # 18         Doug Beilstein
Doug Beilstein  
Randall Goodwin


Hosta Name or Seedling ID Exhibitor
Section I H.'American Halo' Janet Stultz
Section II H.'Summer Warrior' Randall Goodwin
Section III H.'Spring Fling' Cindy Tomashek
Section IV H.'Silver Streak' Doug Megginson
Section V H.'Tiny Tears' Ed Schultz
Section VI  
Section VII    
Section VIII Seedling 17 Doug Beilstein
Section IX Seedling 18 Doug Beilstein
Section X Seedling Martin Overhiser
Section XI H.'Ghost Spirit' Thomas Zitterbart
The Kevin Vaughan Youth Achievement Award
Margie Appleget

DIVISION II – Container Grown Hosta
Grand Award

H. ‘One Man’s Treasure’    Steve Cunningham

DIVISION III – Trough/Container Gardens Arranged for Effect
Grand Award

Margie Perry Appleget

DIVISION VI – AHS Artistic Design Award
Best Artistic Design Award    “It’s a New Track Record”

Flower Arrangement

Convention Tour Garden Recognition Awards

Single Cultivar in One Clump
Romine Garden H. ‘Rascal’
Multiple or Single Hostas in Grouping
Keating Garden H. ‘Whirlwind’
Best Sport Seedling (grown by owner)
Goodwin Garden H. ‘Blue Mesa’ NR
Best Use of Hosta as Landscape Feature
Goodwin Garden
Best Use of Non-Hosta Companions & Specimens
Parkwood Gardens
Best Use of Non-Plant Material (hardscape)
Williams Garden
AHS Best Seedling/Sport
Randall Goodwin

<em>H</em>. 'One Man's Treasure'
<em>H</em>. 'Ghost Spirit'

National Convention Tour Garden Recognition
Presented to all tour gardens

Avon Gardens
Ann & Larry Ammons
Nick & Sherry Carter
Gil & Emily Daniels
Carl & Donna Gahwiler
Randy & Susie Goodwin & Daisy
Mike & Susan Keating
Kevin & Candy Keller
John & Elaine Klein
Ruby Lee, Paul & Thomas Zitterbart
Dorothy Miller & Big Mac
Jay & Terry Park
Malcolm Romine


Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit
The highest award given by the American Hosta Society.
It is given for outstanding service.
Dr. James Wilkins   naming   H. ‘Dorothy Benedict
The sponsor of this award is The American Hosta Society.

Jim's Acceptance Speech


Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award
Mary Chastain   naming   H. ‘Lakeside Cupcake’
The sponsor of this award is The American Hosta Society.

Mary’s Acceptance Speech


Outstanding National Auction Contributor
(formerly the Big Bucks Auction Award)
Don Dean   MN   On-line Auction
Walters Gardens   MI   Convention Auction
The sponsor of this award is The American Hosta Society.

2006 Best Newsletter  (tied)
Georgia Hosta Society (Oct 2006)
Link to the Georgia Newsletter
Midwest Regional Hosta Society (Fall 2006)
Link to the Midwest Article

2006 Best Article
"Color Perception in the Garden" by Glen Williams
Link to the article

Awarded by AHS President Mary Schwartzbauer
  Connie Linder         Deephaven, Minnesota
Harold McDonell     Fayetteville, Georgia
Larry Tucker           Southaven, Mississippi
The American Hosta Growers Association

The American Hosta Society Benedict Garden Performance Award

Listed below are the Honorable Mention Benedict Garden Performance Awards presented at the
2007 AHS National Convention.  These awards are based on the results of the 2006 balloting.

1. Regal Splendor
Walters Gardens, Inc.
2. Whirlwind  
John Kulpa
3. Queen Josephine 
Bob Kuk
4. Salute     
H. & D. Benedict
5. Alex Summers 
Vic Santa Lucia
5. Formal Attire
Kevin C. Vaughn
5. Grand Tiara      
Ali Pollock
8. Golden Tiara  
Robert P Savory
9. Torchlight
William & Eleanor Lachman
10. Lakeside Shore Master 
Mary Chastain
11. Mildred Seaver    
Kevin C. Vaughn
12. Diana Remembered       
John Kulpa
12. Northern Exposure
Walters Gardens, Inc.
14. Fried Green Tomatoes
Robert Solberg
15. Old Glory  
Hans Hansen and Shady Oaks Nursery

The Benedict Garden Performance awards recognize hostas that demonstrate superior garden performance.
  The awards are sponsored by The American Hosta Society in honor or the late Dr. Ralph H. (Herb) Benedict.

The first Benedict Medal will be presented in 2009

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