Awards 2018

AHS Convention
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Phifty in Philly"

June 20-23, 2018

2018 AHS Convention
At each convention, a number of awards are presented. The Hosta Show awards are displayed during the convention and at the Saturday banquet all of the others are presented. These awards represent not only the very best of plants, but outstanding services and activities that have occurred during the previous year. The gardens that were on tour each receive a recognition award. You can also visit the “auction section” of this website for a peek at treasures that were offered this season. A full review of awards will be published in the 2018 Online Journal.

Alex J. Summers Award - Steve Greene

Eunice Fisher Award - Bev and Dave Stegeman

Lifetime Achievement Award - Warren Pollock

Benedict Garden Performance Award Hosta 'Curly Fries' (R. Solberg - 2008)

A full convention recap will be published in the 2018 Online Journal.


I hope we say it dozens of times everyday. Sometimes it’s for something small, sometimes something big. Often we say it in such a casual way that it doesn’t mean much. The American Hosta Society is a society of volunteers. From the clerks in the Hosta Leaf Show to the president of the society, no one gets paid. The society is supported on the shoulders of its members. The Awards of the American Hosta Society are how we say “Thank-you” to the members who have sometimes worked a lifetime in service to the genus Hosta. We say it in a big way, with the heartfelt emotion of friends who recognize the sacrifice of time and energy made by our members.

VP Awards and Honors

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